Archangel Aphrodite is the Mystic Transformation of Becky Archive which she can unlock by accessing her Mystic State; the state which a Mystic Being's heart is strongest combined with her God's own power. She is considered Becky's most powerful transformation for her power and will over evil.

Her appearance and beauty are based off the Greek goddess Aphrodite, but her personality and power are based off the Archangel Michael.

She is able to fly using Angel wings, and is surrounded by a glowing blue force field. She also holds a golden bow that shoots arrows of light at her enemies, or a powerful golden sword. Depending on the level of love in her heart along with it being a powerful emotion, she cannot get hurt or wounded, instead having the attacks put on her deflected back at her enemies. Since her "First Appearance" in Funky Town, she has been used onward for final battles against her greatest enemies.


Archangel Aphrodite's unofficial first appearance was in Sonigals A New Generation. Before the final battle with the main villain, Becky was resurrected as Archangel Aphrodite by the prayers of the other Sonigals.

Physical Appearance

Becky undergoes a great change of appearance in this form. Her fur turns coral pink, her hair turns dark blue at the base of her head that fades into lighter shades and appears to flow like ocean waves, her skin turns a darker peach color, her eyes turn aqua blue and her eye lids turn violet. Her wings have been replaced with Angel's wings instead of her typical Dragon's wings, making her resemble an angel. A green vine with leaves runs up her right arm, and two flames are on her ears to resemble earrings. She sports many different outfits, but her most famous outfit consists of an aqua dress, and an aqua, elbow-length glove on her left arm.

Powers and Abilities

As Archangel Aphrodite, Becky is able to take down monsters great and small, and can take injuries that would surely kill her normally. She uses a blue force field to charge through obstacles without getting hurt, has her abilities greatly enhanced, and possesses some new abilities, such as directly communicating and commanding angels to help her fight. Occasionally, she wields the Bow of Light, an angelic bow made for bringing light into darkness, or the Sword of Angels, a powerful sword used by Archangels of the past to destroy Satan himself, giving her a hand for her bigger enemies.

Her positive energy comes from her love for her people, family, friends, and the hope of a bright future for those in need. Even love from others can awaken Archangel Aphrodite, first revealed in SoniGals A New Generation.


She's not invulnerable, and can only stay in her Superior Transformation depending on her own will and the belief of her people. Should she feel self doubt or if her people don't believe or try to even betray her, she would be left weak and vulnerable.

Theme Songs

Solo Theme

Her theme is Unbreakable by Fireflight. The song is often played when she transforms into Lady Aphrodite.

Unbreakable ~ by Fireflight

Unbreakable ~ by Fireflight

Shared Theme

The theme "Awake and Alive" by Skillet is played in SoniGals: A New Generation during the final battle against the Beldam.

Skillet - Awake and Alive

Skillet - Awake and Alive

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