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Arcain the Hedgehog is a sorcerous hedgehog whose goal is to become the world's most powerful magic manipulator.


Childhood as Ferris

Arkane used to be known as Ferris the Hedgehog, a good friend of Shanoa and Albus's. more pending

Descent into Madness

One day, he found a book describing an old legend. It stated that whosoever could master "the ultimate of the Magicks" would be the world's greatest sorceror. This appealed to something deep within his psyche, twisting his mind and starting him on the path to darkness.

Disappearing Act

Realising he had to leave his old life behind to achieve his goals, he staged his own death. At this point, his history goes completely blank. Not much is known about this period, apart from the fact at some point, he became the owner of a powerful magical artefact, the Key of Iregrim


Arkane has sea-green fur, with three upwards-pointing spines at the front of his head, reminiscent of Silver's five, and a wild tangle of thinner spines at the back. His entire body is covered with ritualistic scars that glow with a purple light, along with his eyes, and dark purple and gold gloves and boots. He sometimes wears a hooded cloak with a design that matches his gloves and boots.


Arkane is an Omnimancer, meaning he is able to use all forms of magic. He is also one of the rare few skilled in the art of Arcanamancy, the ability to manipulate pure magic, or mana. These two abilities make him an almost unrivalled sorceror.

Known Spells

  • Caligo Somnus - emits a mist invisible to all but its target, sending them into a deep slumber
  • Venificum Pulsiato - releases a powerful pulse of pure magic with concussive force
  • Venificum Maximus - Arkane's most powerful spell, its effects are shrouded in mystery as of yet

Forms and Fusions

Dominus Arkane

Shanoa is the only one who can competently use Dominus. Arkane is able to use its power, but it consumes him to a much greater extent. His fur turns purple, his scars glow black, and his entire body burns with the purple flames of Dominus, and his eyes become entirely jet black, radiating a black glow. One of his gloves shatters, and the other becomes more demonic in appearance, along with his boots. His spines whip around as if in a high wind.

Demon Arkane

When Arkane absorbs Balberith's power in Roleplay:(Untitled), he becomes Demon Arkane. His fur turns black, his scars glow bright red, and his eyes become black with slitted dark red (with an orange tint) pupils. Two curled ram horns sprout from his forehead, his spines point up demonically, and he gains torn devil wings. His tail gains a point on the end.

Ulyaoth Arkane

In Roleplay:Eternal Darkness, he attempts to steal the magic of Ulyaoth, only to be enslaved by the Ancient. more pending


Arkane is incredibly arrogant, and prone to fits of rage and insanity. more pending


  • Shanoa the Fox - Arkane harbours a deep hate for Shanoa, believing he should hold Dominus and not her.
  • Albus the Cat - Arkane is also resentful towards Albus, although specifics are not investigated in any existing works.



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