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Arbito Acelbo is a sea otter with the wondrous ability to deflect any power or scientific attack aimed at him back at the user. He is timid and frail, scared of everything, and lonely, only seeking not to hurt others, and to stay alive.


Arbito is scared of most things. This has been influenced by his power to reflect attack, which harms friend and foe alike. Whenever he is near someone, he tries his best to stay away, fearing that he will hurt them. He is also extremely careful, as getting hurt could be fatal to him. 

Arbito is kind to anyone he does meet, should he be able to get past his fear of hurting them. He always coughs into his shoulder, since he tends to cough up blood. He will only speak when spoken to, and always do his best to be polite. 


Arbito is a brown furred sea otter. He is small, only around 2 feet and 3 inches. He also appears very sickly, and is incredibly thin. He will commonly have small cuts and bruises patterning him. Worse case scenario, these wounds are infected. His hair is rather badly cut, as he has had to resort to cutting it with sharpened stones. 

Arbito appears to be very sickly, since he cannot be affected by most medicines. He also tends to shake and jitter, and will often clatter his teeth. 



Arbito was born in a small suburban town to his mother and father as their first child. He was born a healthy child, as a home birth. His parents did not bring him out of the house, and made sure to take care of him as well as they could. 

First Haircut

When Arbito was twelve months old, he was to get his first haircut. Since there were no people to give haircuts nearby, his mother did it herself. However, as she used metal scissors to cut Arbito's hair, his power kicked in for the first time, and instead cut her hair. 

Shocked, his mother stopped trying to cut her childs hair. She then realized that anything made of metal could not as much as scratch her son. It became impossible to clip his nails, or cut his hair. Arbito's father came up with the solution to use a rock knife instead of clippers or scissor, which worked as well as it could.

Early Life

Arbito had multiple complications in his life. Most medicine had no effect on him, it was impossible for him to get shots, and playing with other kids had usually disastrous results. He could not play catch with anyone, as the ball would be reflected. As such, excuses needed to be made. As it was a small town, people were able to keep Arbito's secret. However, this could only remain secret for so long.  

At the age of 5, Arbito was stricken by measles. Since he could not get vaccinated or get treatment, he was subjected to horrible suffering. His parents tried desperately to help him, knowing full well that their son's life was likely to be cut short.

For several agonizing days, Arbito suffered at the life threatening illness. While he eventually recovered, he became frail, shaky, and had a persistent coughing, which occasionally became laced with blood. As such, Arbito missed out on good amounts of school. 

Late Childhood

When Arbito was nine, his home town demanded a mandatory inoculation. Since any needles inserted into Arbito's skin would reflect back, this became a massive problem. His parents were at a severe loss of what to do, and decided to send their son forward, hoping he would be accepted. 

Everything goes to Hell

Nothing went remotely well. 

This started when Arbito's power caused the needle to deflect into the arm of the woman giving him a shot, causing her to scream in pain. Naturally, this caused a panic. In a mix of chaotic events, Arbito found himself in the middle of a severe panic. 

There was one man who didn't panic. 

This man was part of the special agency tracking mutants and people with special powers. He sapped Arbito in the middle of the mess, and took him away. 

After this event, no one in his home town knew what happened to Arbito, and still lacks knowledge to this day.


Arbito as thrown into a Government Containment Facility, and isolated in a dark room. To a simple child like Arbito, the experience was horrifically traumatizing. He was only allowed to eat when he was fed. He was bounded to a board and restrained with many chains and weights. He spent a long time this way.

During this imprisonment, Arbito was subject to a series of horrific tests...which all ended in the people testing on him being horribly injured and killed by his powers.

Due to the very nature of his powers and its potential use, the Scientists holding Arbito captive decide to see if they could extract Arbito's DNA. However, regardless of what they tried, they would get no where. While they could cut Arbito with sharp rocks, any attempts to analyze the cell structure would be countered, as the samples still retained the powers. Dead Skin flakes also kept this ability. 

After repeated deaths, failures, and utter lack of progress, the Government Scientists simply decided to lock Arbito away for an unspecified amount of time, until his powers could be better researched.


Arbito has only one power; his ability to deflect forms of harm. This is an inherent ability, with no known knowledge of where he obtained it, or why he has it.

Arbito's special power is the ability to reflect any and all powers (Magical, Psionic, Elemental, and superhuman effects, or similar abilities) without fail, and without exception. These attacks are always reflected back at their origin. However, their are exceptions; If someone was mind controlling the attacker the power would be reflected at the mind controller.

This also applies to scientific weaponry, which seems to date back as the Iron Age. It seems any form of modern weapons made with modern or semi modern scientific principles (such as smelting, processing, or alloys) cannot effect Arbito. This also means he must have his nails and hair cut by stone age level technology (though Obsidian knives are likely sharp enough).

However, Arbito's great protection comes with a price; Any powers that heal will still be reflected back to the user. In this case, this could easily mean his death. Aribito is unable to lower his defense, and thus is immune to both beneficial and harmful effects. This could also prevent him from getting a life saving operation, or from getting X-Rays or scans. 

The end result of this flaw has a high chance of being Arbito's doom. If he needs an X-Ray, or an amputation, the lack of usable materials to affect his body might render him unsaveable. As such, Arbito must always attempt to avoid injury or risk death. 


  • Arbito's first name is a pun on "Arbitrary"
    • His surname is meant for the alliterative appeal. 
  • The exact measure of Arbito's power is untested; So far, it is theorized that mid level reality warpers will be unable to affect Arbito. 
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