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This is an article about Arashi The Husky-Dragon Hybrid, the fursona of Metty.
"Hero? I'm pretty sure I'm a hero in some way, just not to you. Heh, if you really think I'm a hero, then why aren't I stopping the villains of this world?"
—Arashi, explaining about her alignment.

Arashi, full name Metal Arashi, is a 17 year old Husky-Dragon hybrid, who has the ability to manipulate electricity. Due to her past, Arashi is somewhat power crazed, and when angered she goes into an unstoppable violent outburst. On the inside, Arashi is a nice enough person, and is known to be super shy around people she doesn't know. She is also a huge video game fan, and a student writer as well as wannabe artist. Arashi is known to be the one of the members of Raiders, a rebel group that goes against G.U.N.

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Arashi is a relativity thin and lean Siberian Husky of over average height (4"5) for being her age, seventeen years old. She has dark blue fur covering most of her body, the tips of her ears, muzzle and inner ears are a white colour and her fur is rather plush and short. Arashi has long brown hair with four tufts of hair slightly above her eyes and a small tuft of hair on top of her head and hair is styled to look slightly messy. Her eyes are an electric blue colour, and glow from time to time and her chest fur and underside of her tail are an electric blue colour. She has a pair of rather small wings on his back, with one spike on-top of them each and membrane of his wings are a dark blue colour like her fur, while the insides of the wings are a lighter blue. She is known to have a scar on her left hand, but it's covered over with a bandage due to a previous wound that was inflicted by a Berserker. 


She is known to wear a black trench-coat with grey lining down her collar, underneath there is a grey t-shirt. She is known to wear black pants, with a electric blue lightning bolt marking on the left side of her leg. She has a belt around her waist, and she uses it to hold her modified handgun, despite having barely any knowledge of how to use it. She is known to wear black boots, with a lightning bolt marking at the left side of both of them, and the soles of them being grey. She is known to wear a bandage over her left hand, covering over a previous wound that she got. Arashi is known to have a black katana strapped around his waist, beside her handgun. 

Items currently in Possession:

  • Handgun: Arashi owns a .20 cal handgun. While it's weak, and useless against those with armor, she generally uses when has no choice but to resort to using it in situations.
  • Katana: Her Katana that she uses almost all the time in fights. Shortly after a few months of getting it, it is destroyed by Kai, her rival and main enemy. It is known to be a regular katana, much like her handgun with no differences.

Background Story:

For Arashi's future story, see Arashi The Husky-Dragon Hybrid/Future.

Birth and Early Life:

Arashi was born out in a forest beside Central City, born to a a Exalted Blaster named Daisuke, and her mother Naomi. The forest was known for it's different type of trees, that were unable to be set on fire so easily by normal fire. Arashi was the second oldest in the family, her siblings being her older brother Ren and her younger sister Yuki. Arashi was born with the unique ability to run faster and have unnatural reflexes.

As a kid, Arashi was never allowed outside of the small forest village she lived in because of the fact that there was demons outside of the village. Her father Daisuke was a renowned demon hunter, that killed various demons to protect the village. What Arashi didn't know, is that her father secretly was a demon that killed his kind to protect her and his family.



On the outside, Arashi hates being social, and prefers to be left alone regardless. She doesn't really like being with others, and would prefer to work alone to get jobs done. It is noted, she has somewhat of a superiority complex to others, most of the time thinking she's more superior than others, that being humans.

Other that this, Arashi hates people that break the rules and that mess around, most notably because of her serious attitude and her ability to not take jokes. Arashi hates authority, as she is noted to be a rebel, and she would go against anyone that is in power, mostly online on the forum she goes on to talk to other Mobians. She will stand up for what she thinks that's right, often getting into a argument about what she stands up for.

Arashi is known to be very angered easily, as she is apparently angry all the time. Angering Arashi will set her off, and make her go into a violent outrage. Arashi also relies on her instincts from time to time and they occasionally make her go crazy.

Arashi does hold grudges against anybody who says something about her or angers her. She is known to be quite aggressive, if even poked, meaning she doesn't like social interaction. Being slightly power crazed from her past, she is obsessed with power and is known to hate cowards.

While in a calm state, Arashi is known to be extremely shy, and untalkative to people she doesn't know. This can cause her, to go walk away from the person that greets her, or she would ignore them. She seems like a talkative person, when you make friends with her, and she is friendly and nice enough. She is known to complain an awful alot about the smallest things, and go on and on about things. She is known to like reading books, writing, drawing and playing video games as well as cats. She is known to love cats and would love to keep one.



Arashi is a powerful electrokinetic. This means she can control, manipulate and even generate electricity. She can strike enemies with lightning from a short or long range. She also has the ability to use Electricity defensively, by surrounding herself with electricity for defensive. Also as well as she can use electricity for healing and as well as being able to drain electricity to heal. She is moderately skilled in her electrokinesis, with being just as powerful as the other electrokinetics (excluding Raiden). Arashi's electricity is a orange colour meaning she is a of a anti-hero nature.


Enhanced Reflexes:

Arashi has an amazingly quick reaction time, more than her average Mobians/Humans. By using this, she is able to dodge and react quicker than normal. Using this in conjunction with her enhanced speed, she is able to dodge attacks with barely any effort involved.

Enhanced Speed:

Arashi possesses enhanced speed, her being able to run at about 80mph at the most. This can be a great advantage against foes that are slower, like Gunthar and Metal for example. This also allows her to dodge attacks easier, as her speed is Enhanced.


Arashi is a somewhat slightly skilled artist, being able to draw things such as plants and Mobians like herself. Though she isn't very advanced in this, she continues to try and learn how to draw better. She is known to draw trees very well.

Arashi is a pro gamer, being able to play games extremely well. Being a pro gamer, Arashi is known to be one of the best gamers. Her favorite game is known to be an RPG named Axe Sword Online, which she plays as warrior character trying to defeat all one hundred levels of the tower that floats in the sky.

Arashi is also an somewhat skilled writer. She occasionally writes various things, based on what she sees or does. She is known to have created a character based after her character in the game she plays called Pyro. She plans to write a book when she gets skilled enough, based on her main character's adventures.

Arashi is somewhat skilled in her ability to use a handgun. While she only used it in secret, she isn't as skilled as a advanced marksman. She currently only uses it as defense, as she prefers to use her electrokinesis instead.

Arashi doesn't know how to use her katana in battle despite owning one. She would generally take it out to intimidate her foe, or have it ready for defense. She hopes to became better at using the katana.


Being an electricity wielder, Arashi is weak to Earth naturally. As Earth nullifies her ability to control electricity, and destroys it. Arashi has no ability to fight despite her owning a handgun or katana. Being the hybrid she is, Arashi cannot fly regardless.


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  • Orchid the Wolf - She is known to be Arashi's cousin, however the two haven't met as of yet. The two have sorta met, as Arashi was seen fighting Kai as Orchid was drawing.


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Theme Song:


Breaking Benjamin - Blow Me Away

Connection to Character:


  • Her favorite game, Axe Sword Online is based off Sword Art Online.
    • The tower floating in the sky in the game, references this.
  • Arashi's fighting style resembles that of Kirito in Gun Gale Online from Sword Art Online.
    • This is mainly because she uses a katana and handgun, much like Kirito's sword and handgun that he uses in the series.

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