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"Rules are meant to be broken. Which is why I interfere with the law of this world. I'm gonna use my sense of justice and order to bring peace, my way."

Arashi, full name Arashi Saito is a 17 year old Siberian Husky Hybrid, who was one of the former members of Protectors. She now serves as a freelance Samurai. Arashi has some control over Stormfront, who seems to be her demon summon. She earned the title of Electric Slayer for her accuracy with her weapons, powers and defeating renegade or rogue Mobians, Humans or Beings.

She has earned some kind of rivalry with the Rogue, who clearly perceives her as a threat due to her being faster and having control over a demon. She was formerly a member of Guardians. As the result of genetic modification to save her life, she now has enhanced strength and durability.

Her Limit Break is Lightning Surge.

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General Information:


Arashi, being a freelance agent that works for Raidou, she currently lives in various places from time to time. She is known to frequently stay in places unknown to the general public, such as the abandoned warehouse in Sector 5 of Central City. Other than that, Arashi is known to be nomadic when on missions, often hiding who she is.

Current Status:

Arashi uses her time working as a freelance agent, assassinating or taking out threats to Guardians. Other times, she often deals with rogue or renegade Humans, Mobians or other beings. At other times, Arashi trains as a Samurai, often trying to perfect the combat style of it.

Formerly a freelance agent, she works with a group that takes down various threats to Mobian and humankind. Being one of the soldiers, she tends to still use her style of fighting as a Samurai in fights.


Arashi's morals are a mix of villainous, rebellious and heroic, as she values freedom but hates laws. She views the rebels that oppose Guardians and G.U.N (to an extent) as useless, often trying to stamp out the rebels themselves. Arashi shows little honor towards those that try and steal her job and get in her way. Other than this, she shows some honor towards those that have been defeated in battle. Often sparing them instead of killing them. She views giving up information towards the cause she's in, as not honorable and she would rather die than do so. To some extent, Arashi won't kill those who she needs information from. Her morals seem to have changed prior to the Surge event, having to follow rules in order to bring justice.



Arashi is a relativity thin and lean Siberian Husky Hybrid of over average height (4"6) for being her age, seventeen years old (17). She has dark blue fur that mainly covers her entire body and it is short and plush. She has two short ears, that are pointed and the tips of them are a white color. Arashi has long brown hair that reaches down to her waist, and has four tufts of hair over her eyes. Her hair is short and messy at the back. Her muzzle is a white-grey color, and she has a scar running across over her left eye, that is crimson red in color. Her eyes are an dark electric blue color.

Arashi is noted to have a crimson red scar on her left hand, running right across it, and one on her snout. She is known to have various markings on her arms and lower body. Her hands are clawed, and are pretty sharp, despite not being not having actual claws like an normal monster/dragon. Her tail is bushy and short with the underside of her tail being a dark electric blue color. There is known to be a V-shaped marking on her tail, which is the same color as her other markings. Arashi's wings are a medium size. The membrane of her wings are a dark blue colour like her fur, while the insides of the wings are a lighter blue.


Arashi wears a short shelved grey t-shirt that reaches past her shoulders, covering some of her markings. She wears a long black hooded trenchcoat that reaches down to the bottom of her pants and down her elbows on her arms. The collar is known to be a grey color, and it is made out of a material that is resistant to bullets and slashes and elemental damage.Her pants are known to be a deep grey color and are made out of the same material.

She wears a pair of high friction sneakers which can withstand the temperature coming off of them due to the speed she runs at. Her sneakers are black in color, with a dark blue flame like design at the front of them, and lightning like marking at the backs of them. There is known to be a piece of material going over the middle of the sneaker, that is grey in color and separates the two halves from each other. The soles of the sneakers are known to be a grey color.

Arashi is known to have a bandage over her left hand and on her left leg from a previous injury. She has shoulder-plates of armor over both of her shoulders, much like a samurai, and are a black color with a silver trim. She wears a utility belt around her waist, holding her katana in a sheath and her crossbow, as well as ammunition. Her utility belt is known to have a five pouches, two holding crossbow ammunition, one of them holding firearm ammunition, for her backup handgun, and the others holding what seems to be smoke grenades for quick escapes.

Arashi is also known to wear gauntlets, starting from the end of her trenchcoat on her arms down to her fingers. They known to be a slate grey color, and are known to be separated from her hands by cuffs made out of bandages. On the gauntlets themselves, there is known to be a lightning bolt design covering the majority of the item, it being a dark blue color.

She retains the same type of armor on her knees downwards due to an accident, and are held together by the same material. The same type of design is there and is a dark blue color like before. Arashi also wears a blue bandana around her neck, so she can conceal her appearance to some degree when she has her trenchcoat up.


  • One handed Katana:
  • Lightweight Steel Crossbow:
  • High Friction Sneakers:
  • Black Trenchcoat:
  • Ammunition:
  • Armor:

Background Story:


Arashi was born on 1st September 2197, to unknown parents. She was known to be later abandoned by her parents, because of the lack of money they had. She was later adopted by Z The ??? who was now her adoptive father. Growing up with her adoptive father, she learnt various things about her powers worked, and how to use her abilities. Arashi was known to be extremely gifted on being able to use computers at a young age, by the age of about eleven, she was able to create accounts for wikis and the like. She was later trained in the Samurai style at a young age, starting at the age of thirteen years old. Like any other kids, Arashi was known to go to school.

Arashi was known to finish school at the age of sixteen, passing all of her exams. She later went to college, studying things about computers and the like. It was then she joined a wiki and met her first boyfriend. She later developed an alter ego known as Surge, who was known to be her internet alias. A short time later, she broke up with her boyfriend.

Joining G.U.N:

A short time after the event, she became friends with some snow leopard named Raidou online. Eventually, persuaded to join GUN by the snow leopard, she joins it. After many months of training with GUN themselves, she eventually becomes skilled in using a crossbow, and later on using any type of ranged weapon, due to her enhanced abilities.

A short time later, she becomes an agent for G.U.N, doing various jobs for Raidou. She later becomes known as the an assassin, or electric slayer, because of how effective she is against various renegade targets.



Arashi seems to be cold and uncaring when talking to people she doesn't know. She barely shows any emotions when talking to people in general, and prefers to work on her own at all times. Due to her thinking that anybody she's partnered up with, will only get in her way. Arashi has somewhat of a ego, leading her to normally think that everyone is weaker and not worth her time.

She's noted to like see people hurt themselves, often laughing when something happens. She's known to also act inappropriate at the wrong times. She's known to hate jokes, often keeping a serious face on at all times, because of this Arashi barely smiles unless something happens to somebody else.

Arashi has a strong sense of justice, often thinking what she's doing is right. It seems very hard to sway her opinion from her type of views, as she would often ignore others who don't agree with her. She seems to stick to her own rules, leading her to get into trouble or do something bad.

Arashi has a cruel temper when angered. When she's provoked, she often goes into a violent outrage, often taking a long time to calm down afterwards. Anything such as little things, to past events will set Arashi off. Others often staying away from her, if she gets annoyed. She's known to rely on her instincts from time to time, but they occasionally make her go crazy. Arashi prefers to keep out of trouble in real life, often keeping to herself unless provoked.

She has a tendency of saying "I don't know" or add "or something" to the end of a sentence. She's known to hate people who get constantly in trouble, often holding grudges against them. She's known to want to be the strongest in the world, as she constantly is training. Arashi is also known to have a alter ego known as "Surge".

Arashi is known to be extremely reckless and stubborn, as well as having a strong will. She would often taunt her foes before she fights, and she would rush into fights upon being provoked. Arashi doesn't like giving up on things that important and always wants to try and solve them herself, no matter what happens, Arashi won't give up till she solves the issue. Arashi is also known to have the tendency to make enemies, and not deal with them till later. She often apologizes more than once if this occurs.


Umbra-Electrokinesis (Dark Electricity Manipulation):

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Arashi is a powerful umbra-electrokinetic. This means she can control, manipulate and even generate dark electricity. Using the destructive part of her Dark Electricity, she can strike enemies with lightning from a short or long range, and generate multiple other techniques. She also has the ability to use Dark Electricity defensively, by surrounding herself with electricity for defensive. Also as well as she can use dark electricity for healing.

She is skilled in her Dark Electricity. Arashi's electricity is a black colour, because of the darkness radiating from it. Arashi's power to control her electricity improved after training, making her powerful enough to disrupt electronics in the nearby area, as well as create thunderstorms using her powers.

Stormfront Manifestation/Fusion:

Arashi's fusion with her inner demon, allows her powers alike to Surge The Titan. They are various bonus powers that are different when she fully fuses with Stormfront or summons it.

Various powers include when Stormfront is summoned:

  • Weapon Summoning: Allows Arashi to summon weapons such as a katana, or a her lance, when she fuses with Stormfront.
    • Dragon Armor: Allows Arashi to gain dragon like armor when fused with Stormfront. It increases her speed, and strength as well as her defense.
  • Dragon Energy Manipulation: This allows Arashi to manipulate dragon energy to fire as blasts or to use for defense or anything else.


Enhanced Speed:

Arashi possesses Enhanced Speed, her being able to run at about 80mph at the most. This can be a great advantage against foes that are slower. This also allows her to dodge attacks easier, as her speed is Enhanced. Arashi is able to use this in conjunction with her other abilities, such as her Enhanced Reflexes.

Enhanced Reflexes:

Arashi has an amazingly quick reaction time, more than her average Mobians/Humans. By using this, she is able to dodge and react quicker than normal. Using this in conjunction with her Enhanced Speed, she is able to dodge attacks with barely any effort involved.

Enhanced Strength:

Arashi's incredible strength allows her to lift cars and other vehicles and throw them great distances. She is far stronger than any normal average Human or Mobian. Arashi is capable of punching holes through almost anything if necessary, including a two foot steel door. She is able to currently lift up to 1 ton. Arashi is able to leap over great distances using her strength and durability. Her strength plays in with her hand to hand as well, further increasing the power of her hand to hand combat attacks.

Enhanced Durability:

Arashi's body is harder and more resistant to certain types of physical injury. This ability allows her to withstand great impacts, such as falling from a height of a two hundred feet drop and getting hit by an opponent with super-human strength. As well as this, she is immune to under .30 bullets as these don't affect her.


Enhanced Marksmanship:

Arashi is known to have great markmanship at firing weapons such as her crossbow, and her handgun. She is known to be able shoot at a range of over 50 metres and be able to barely miss due to her enhanced markmanship. She is known to inherited the ability to have Enhanced Markmanship.

Advanced Swordmanship:

Arashi's main skill is her sword skills. She was able to become an expert the ways of the sword. Arashi is known to be talented in using the Japanese sword, the katana as she has some of training in using it. She is known to be able to use other swords but prefers to stick to her Katana for fights.

Arashi is known to have a different fighting style in her combat, as she's more speed based, than strength based. This allows her to make quick stabs and slashes, making up for the weaknesses in strength. Because of Arashi's speed and reflexes, as well as her reaction time, Arashi is known to be a very fast in combat with a blade.

Novice Hand-to-hand combat:




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Being an electricity wielder, Arashi is weak to Earth naturally. As Earth nullifies her ability to control electricity, and destroys it. Arashi has no ability to fight despite her owning a handgun or katana. Being the hybrid she is, Arashi cannot fly regardless.






Dark Electricity Techniques:

Sword Techniques:


"Now you've annoyed me."
—Arashi, when annoyed about something

Triva/Fun Notes:

  • Her parallel in the Guardians is Raidou.
  • Unlike the creator, Arashi isn't afraid of heights.
  • Arashi's ability to summon armor because of a demon summon is similar to Incursio from Akame ga Kill!