Aquatic Spindash is an aquatic/water version of the attack known as Spindash. Characters that can control the ability of Water and can also use Spindash are capable of using this move.


Similar to a regular Spindash, the user will curl into a ball at high speeds and spin in place. During this, the user is able to conjure water into their bodies. Surrounded by water, the user will blast off straight ahead, blasting through opponents and barriers as well as drenching them.



User must be able to perform a basic Spindash and possess/obtain aquatic powers.

Significant Variants

Weak Points

This technique is seemingly useless against Fire and Electricity; both elements cancel Water out. As for Ice, it is technically Water, so it may cancel it out as well.


One drawback for this ability is if the user is in a very dry place, such as a desert. It will take a much longer amount of time for the moisture in the air and in the ground to morph into one ball of water, so the user is at a fair disadvantage here.

Another drawback is if the user is dehydrated. Without having enough water in the user's body itself, the strength needed to gather a water source is immense and may cause said user to pass out from lack of hydration.

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