Aquapetal Hibiscus (often just called Aquapetal) are a type of "elemental plant"; they bear the sub-alignment of Water.


The Aquapetal resembles a somewhat large hibiscus flower, being somewhat trumpet-shaped and having a total of five blue petals, as well as a pale blue stem and a roughly 4-inch long pistil. What makes this flower easy to identify, however, is the fact that the petals shift in shade and intensity, like sunlight hitting water. The petals are always damp as well.


Being in the hibiscus family, the Aquapetal is wholly safe to eat, even in the wild. Interestingly, however, eating just one is roughly the same to the consumer's as drinking an 8 oz glass of water. People suffering from thirst in the jungles of Soumerca have often been saved by these flowers.

The Aquapetal has other uses as well; the entire flower can be ground down using a mortar and pestle, turning it into a slightly gritty paste. The paste itself is used as a particularly strong salve for burns, and is used by not only the settlements of Soumerca, but by hospitals all over Mobius as well.


The Aquapetal is most commonly found in the jungles of Soumerca, where they grow in abundance. They are cultivated and used by many of the settlements of Soumerca; among them are the Water Clan of Neso and the Tribe of the Solar Serpent. The Water Clan in particular grows them domestically, and it is one of their trade goods.

Aquapetals can also be found in the jungles of Efrika and Tralius, but they are not as common here. Still, the various settlements of those two continents still make use of the plant, and often domestically grow the flowers themselves.

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