• Glacier Von Fang - Aqua’s older sister, who she is often fighting with for dominance. While Aqua respects Glacier as an older sibling, she can sometimes be annoyed by her, thinking that perhaps she would be better off being the ‘leader’ of their group. However, she loves her sister, and will do anything to help her, and appreciates her kindness and ability to look after her and Windy.
  • Windy Von Fang - Aqua’s younger, and much more scientifically intelligent, sister. Aqua and Windy are basically polar opposites in personality, which usually causes a rift in their relationship. However, Aqua loves and looks out for her sister, wishing to protect her in any way she can, even though she is aware that Windy is definitely intelligent enough to make her own way in the world.


  • Voltage Bouncealot - Glacier’s best friend and a close companion to the Von Fang sisters. Voltage and Aqua have a relatively good relationship, however, they both see one another as being a bit of a loose cannon to some degree, meaning they don’t always see eye to eye on many occasions. However, they are able to get past that, due to their overall personalities being very similar, and each of them having experienced a feeling of misunderstanding in their lives before.
  • Rocky Mackintosh
  • Vector the Crocodile - one of Aqua’s close friends and neighbors, whom she met after she and the others moved into their new house, which happened to be near the office of the Chaotix Detective Agency. Aqua thinks the crocodile is a bit of a goofball. However, she finds his sense of justice charming, and admires his strength and intuition. They also share a similar taste in music, which is always a plus in any friendship.
  • Rouge the Bat - another close friend of Aqua’s ever since meeting her, whom she often wishes she was more like, especially in regards to appearance. However, she dislikes her slight obsession with stealing, and believes some of her methods are unethical. Regardless, she still shows a deep respect for her and likes sparring with her as well.


  • Aloe Vera Mackintosh - as with Glacier, Aqua and Aloe don’t like each other all that much. Although, their arguments are usually a lot more trivial, typically being about fashion choices, music, and other such trends.
  • Ricky Carraway
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