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Aqua Von Fang

Cquote1 Look, unless you wanna go ahead and risk getting yourselves killed, I suggest we just chill the fuck out for a sec. Cquote2
Aqua attempting to calm her team down after [redacted for spoilers]

Don't think she isn't a threat just 'cuz she controls water, lest you risk getting drenched in a savage riptide. Aqua, real name Venus Von Fang, is a Hunter with power to manipulate water and the sister of Glacier and Windy Von Fang. She and her sisters, along with their friend, Voltage Bouncealot, have set out to find out the reason behind the death of their parents, Carlos and Brittany Diamond-Von Fang.


Aqua's body sports a very slim but somewhat well-toned build and dark grey fur around her much of her body, along with long hair in a slightly darker shade of grey tied into a ponytail and a large fringe covering her right eye. Her muzzle and front torso sport a somewhat lighter shade of grey while her inner ears sport white fur, and small pointy black nose can be seen at the front of her muzzle. Her visible left eye is emerald green in color and a fang-shaped birthmark can be seen just below her left shoulder.

Aqua’s outfit is quite simple, consisting of only a small white vest over a light blue tank top that exposes a portion of her midriff, and blue denim shorts that almost reach her knees. She also sports a pair of blue ankle-length boots with metallic heels, a pair of white fingerless gloves with blue cuffs and back plating, and aviator sunglasses with dark blue lenses and light blue rims.


Aqua is best described as a pretty laidback and chill young lady. When she isn't training (which is pretty much only one-third of her time), she spends most of her time in her room, or out going shopping or hanging out with her other friends. While she does seem like an approachable person and even comes off as something of a ditz most of the time, she can become rather aggressive and even a little displeasing to those who piss her off, especially showing large amounts of snarkiness and emotional outbursts.

She also happens to be fairly serious about her training, both in her kickboxing prowess and fully mastering her powers. In fact, she's actually a little dim-witted when it comes to things like science or almost anything that requires more than common sense or gut instinct, which Aqua definitely (and thankfully) has the most of out of the three sisters, making her a good choice as the voice of reason among themselves.

Believe it or not, Aqua is actually something of a fashionista and is rather touchy about one's fashion sense, which is what often leads to her somewhat frequent albeit relatively more trivial arguments with Aloe. She also sports a fondness for music, with her favorite genres being techno and rap. She's also into pop and even some rock, especially since Voltage got her hooked into a certain rock band when they first met.

She also happens to be usually the one to help anyone with relationship difficulties, whether it be platonic, familial, or even romantic, despite having never been in a serious relationship before. Maybe she’s been observing how people act whenever she can? No one really knows.

History and Appearances

Early Life

Aqua was born in the town of Royalcoast Horizon, located on the southern, coastal side of Huntstonia, to Brittany Diamond-Von Fang and Carlos Von Fang. Throughout her early childhood, she expressed an interest in martial arts and developed for drawing.

Some time later, she was enrolled into the Hunter Academy and trained in the Huntstonian Art of Magic. Upon her graduation, she travelled to the Temple of the Hunt, along with the rest of the trainees in her batch. It is there that she received her Hunter's blessing from the Huntstone of Water, granting her an affinity for the element of Water. She soon decided to take a couple of martial arts classes to further her training, as well as to keep herself from getting bored.

Eventually, however, her parents died of what appeared to be murder, leaving her and her sisters orphans. This shortly leads to the three sisters, along with Voltage, to set out and find the truth. However, what she finds may be far from what she expected...


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Powers and Abilities

As a Hunter, Aqua possesses the ability to cast Huntstonian Magic spells. With the Huntstone of Water’s blessing, Aqua sports a strong affinity with water magic and can also manipulate the water around her if she pleases. Her main form of offense when using this power is to fire off blades created from her own mana that can easily rip her foes apart and firing of bursts of mana whenever she lands an attack to create distance between her and her foes.

One application she uses with her affinity to the element of water is her ability to walk on water without much trouble. This can extend to surfing on waves of water or even some form of flight. By infusing the water she manipulates with a little bit of light magic, she can also to restore her allies’ condition to a certain extent. Later on, she can even create water wings that sprout from a magic rune cast on her back and even create a water clone that she can use to distract her opponents.

Aside from all of that, Aqua sports an incredible level of skill in martial arts as well as physical ability. Her most notable strengths are her great speed and agility, allowing her to unleash her attacks at an incredibly quick rate, as well as deadly accuracy, which ensures that majority of her strikes make their mark. In addition, she can even expose weak points on her opponent with certain attacks and exploit them with another attack, potentially leading to a devastating onslaught of savage strikes that can leave her unfortunate adversary incredibly crippled.


  • Hunter Staff - her primary arms, Aqua uses it to cast her magic spells. However, she very much prefers to use it in its alternate form, which is that of a pair of spiked knuckledusters, allowing her to mix her prowess in martial arts with her skill in Huntstonian Magic.


  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 6 - The raw power of Aqua's physical strikes are rather meager in comparison to most others, but she can still put up a good fight.

Defense: 6 - Her defensive maneuvers are also rather average, but she’s still quite tough in her own right.

Speed: 8 - Her attacks come out at an incredibly fast rate, and she can cover good distance with her feet rather quickly.

Magic: 7 - Aqua makes good use of her ability with Huntstonian Magic, let alone her hydromancy. However, with her reliance on fighting up close, there is still some untapped potential in her.

Evasion: 6 - Aqua’s evasive maneuvers are no slouch, but she is still vulnerable to attacks she can’t see coming, especially from her blindspot.

Intelligence: 6 - While she won't be winning any Nobel Prizes anytime soon, her common sense is incredibly useful at times and is apparently fairly fluent in some basic Japanese.

Skills: 8 - For her average raw strength, Aqua greatly makes up for it by being the most skilled fighter out of her team, let alone her sisters. and having great expertise with her water magic.

Accuracy: 8 - She always makes sure her lethal strikes make a dent on her enemies, especially in regards in exploiting their weakspots.

Stamina: 7 - With her vigorous training, Aqua is able to keep herself standing in a fight for a fairly long time. She just needs to be careful not to overdo it.

Tolerance: 5 - Despite being quite the skilled combatant, Aqua is still just as susceptible to pain as any other Mobian.

Overall: 67%


As she is a user of Huntstonian Magic, majority of the spells Aqua ia able to use can be casted only if she possesses enough mana to power them. If ever the amount of mana flowing within her is running low, her options in combat become limited for a while and must resort to her skill in martial arts to defend herself. This is particulalrly troublesome for her when she is fighting against particularly tougher foes, given that her raw strength is rather average.

Aqua's affinity for the Water element renders her vulnerable against Hunters with an affinity for the element of Thunder, including her own ally and friend, Voltage. In addition, she cannot control massive bodies of water for long as it is incredibly exhausting and her powers will take a heavy toll if she is incredibly dehydrated for an extended period of time.

Aside from that, other weaknesses include her disdain for cold places, which makes sense since the cold temperatures can often freeze the water she manipulates faster than she can unleash them, sometimes leading her to some sticky situations. She is also suceptible to some painful headaches and, due to being born with a bad right eye, has a permanent blind spot that smart opponents can take advantage of.


  • Each of the Von Fang sisters has a main color that corresponds with another sister's eye color.
    • In this case, Aqua's main colour and Windy's eye color are both light blue. 
  • Though their personalities differ, Aqua’s relationship with Glacier is fairly similar to that of Raphael with Leonardo’s in the TMNT franchise.
  • Her real name, Venus, coupled with her being well-versed with relationship difficulties could a subtle reference to the Roman goddess she’s named after being the Roman goddess of love.
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