Aqua is a brown and tan chipmunk, just like everyone in the Acorn Family. She has chocolate brown hair that is wavy and long. Her muzzle is connected to an outline of her eyes which is tan and has spikey fur spurts on the side. This squirrel's eyes are a deep blue and a lot of the time her eyes are only half way open, due to being exposed to too much light at a young age. Aqua wears a blue top with only one strap on the side. Her shirt is layered colored a dark and darker blue. Her top stops at her lower chest. Her miniskirt is layered as well and is in the same blue colors. Aqua has tall, plain brown, combat boots with heels. Aqua doesn't have a Chaos Suit (unlike K.A.N.I. and Blade) because she doesn't have Chaos Control. However, she has advanced royal armor. Her full battle armor is a lot of stuff, so unless necessary, she only wears the chest plate, facemask, boots, and leggings. They are all metallic and blue, bordered with gray. There are also royal golden symbols on the side of some of it. Aqua usually wears the traditional silver tiara as well. On Aqua's silver belt are two sheaths on either side containing the Sword of Light on one side and the Sword of Acorns on the other. Both sheaths are blue with golden designs.


Aqua is an utter fashionista and loves to design clothes. Even though she is closed off from the world a lot (because people attack her just for having kinetic abilities), she always knows the top fashion lines. With materials from K.A.N.I., she can make almost any clothing. Aqua is bubbly and happy, even though she sometimes comes off as a desperate flirt. Yes, this squirrel is flirtatious with almost any boy she meets, especially Dominic the Bat. This makes her relationship with Blade a bit rough, even though Blade tries to hide her crush on Dominic.


Aqua and her brother Tide were born to Lady Sonia Acorn in the Hydraulic Zone. They hardly ever saw their mother, being taken care of by servents. Specialized servents taught the two hydrokinesis techniques. It turns out that when Aqua was five and Tide was two, Lady Sonia had been killed by her brother's guards for unauthorized access to his castle. Sonia and Manik never were on good terms with each other according to the Hydraulic Zone. Anyway, Aqua was infuriated because even though she didn't see her mother very much, they were always close. She took her brother three nights later away from the castle, using ice to stick to the ceiling as they passed by guards. They lived on the outskirts of the city for years, until they found a Chaos Emerald and teleported away from there. Soon they were found by three other teenagers who had kinetic abilities- a hyperactive rabbit, a suave purple falcon, and a serious, small, brown fox. They were part of the team now, searching for others until the Kinetix Academy was formed. Aqua was the grandmaster of hydrokinesis.


Aqua is hydrokinetic, which means she has water powers. This power makes her elusive, swift, and technical. She usually forces her powers into her hands, but likes to generate it through her feet and shoot through the air. To collect more power, she freezes water onto her hand to pack a punch. Aqua usually thinks about where water can be when she wants to strengthen her abilities, so she thought she could take water out of air molecules. Of course, she was correct. Now she can pull water from anywhere.


Aqua is Acorn Royalty, so she has the Sword of Acorns and the Sword of Light. She has practiced her swordsman abilities and has been very useful on the battlefield. Many politicians would argue that Tide should use them, as he is the eldest male of the Acorns, but he never got the chance to learn how to use them. So for now, Aqua uses them. Aqua can also surf and snowboard. She can use the water molecules around her to control the board. She prefers to surf, but she doesn't mind getting dirty snowboarding. Some people ask her if she can skateboard, and her reply is always, "Of course I can! Like snowboarding and surfing, I can control the water molecules in the air around the board. However, I like to leave the tomboy look to K.A.N.I.!"


Like said, Aqua is deliberately flirtatious. Of course, this can get on a lot of people's nerves, especially other girls. Most of the time, boys get caught up in it, and that's how she got Dominic to date her. This made a huge rivalry between Blade and her, but deep down they were still friends. Aqua is also very demanding. She wants people to do things for her all the time. Apparently, she still has a lot of princess in her, and nobody likes it.


Getting Picked For a Race/Battle

"You won't regret this!" 

"Let's get this thing started!” 

"I may be a princess, but I know how to race/fight!"

Starting a Race/Battle

"Good luck - you'll need it!"

"Let's NOT fail today! Like I EVER...!"

"Don't fail me now!"

Winning a Race/Battle

"Whoo hoo! I mean, we ALL expected this, right?"

"Tolja- DON'T mess with royalty!"

"Ha ha! Wait till you see what's up next!"

Losing a Race/Battle

"Woahwoahwoahwoahwoah! This is somebody else's rank, RIGHT?!"


"Whatever. Not like I was trying anyway."

Mid-Battle Banter

"Should I be surprised that that's the best you got?"

"Watch it. In the snap of my pretty little fingers, an icicle could be straight through you."

"C'mon. We ALL know he wants me over you. (Scoffs) Like, who DOESN'T?"


"Hey Dominic! Oh, sorry... I didn't mean to interrupt your ANNOYANCE at Blade's talking."

"You're way out of my league."

"I learned from the best, for the best. I suggest you get the heck out of my way."

"Ooh! I can, like, TOTALLY make you new fashionable clothes!"


"Hey there. Didn't mean to bother you, but I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?"

"Oh, that is like, SO cute! Wait, oh... You're dressing up for THAT girl..."

"I'm not usually free, but I just saw you, and my schedule opened up."

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