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Aprose is awkward, shy, and a little insecure around people she hardly knows. She will act odd and her speech can be a little off. When she's around Tyren or more notably Quelle, she is much more calm and collected.


Aprose was born as the daughter of Ismio Nezumi and Ebenix Nezumi (father and mother respectively). Aprose was raised in Swiss-Hole City, a place that is populated by mice. 

Aprose was taught to avoid cats, who made frequent raids on the city and kidnapped mice to devour. She had quickly became afraid of the cats and feared that they would kill and eat her. This fear grew over the years as the people Aprose knew were kidnapped by the cats. 

When Aprose was fourteen, her father was kidnapped during a cat raid. Aprose was devastated and felt helpless. She did not have the power to stop the cats and ran away from home out of fear. She began a quest for the power to save her home.

The Power Quest Arc

Aprose developed an interest in music during her travels. She enjoyed listening and dancing to different kinds of music. Aprose had decided to someday pursue a musical career. One day, Aprose came across what appeared to have been a discarded music device in a land fill (don't ask what she was doing there) and took it to see if she could get it to work. 

As it turned out, the device was perfectly fine, as she was easily able to turn it on. However, Aprose got a strange feeling after listening to one of the songs on the device. She looked at the screen of the device and noticed that there was a figure on it, dancing to the music. The figure looked at Aprose and began to speak to her. Aprose panicked and tried to take off the earphones, but for some reason could not remove them. She had no choice but to listen to the figure. The mysterious figure on the device revealed itself to be a soul sealed within the device and discarded. As thanks for saving it from being left to rust in trash, the figure offered Aprose the power of music. Aprose immediately accepted the offer, believing that she could use this power to end the terror of the cats.  

Aprose returned home with her new power. However, upon arriving back in Swiss-Hole, she found that the cats were occupying the city. It had appeared that she was too late. Overcome by grief and rage, Aprose felt something take over her mind as she mercilessly attacked the cats with her new-found power. A large portion of the cats were obliterated, and the rest ran away from the city. Aprose regained control shortly afterwords. Upon looking around the city, she found a small group of mice that had been captured were to be used for food; Ebenix was among them. The group of surviving mice celebrated Aprose's return and the victory over the cats. However, the next day Aprose left the city again. She knew something had taken over her when she attacked the cats, and she had a feeling that it was the figure in the music device. She was afraid that if she stayed in Swiss-Hole, the figure would take over again and hurt everyone. She still could not remove the earphones out of her ears, so she set off on another journey to find someone who could magically remove them. 

Currently she spends most of her time in Rosenhale when she is not searching for a way to remove the music device.


Through the strange music device, Aprose has the power of sound and music. These powers are good for both offensive and support purposes. She can blast high-volume sound at her enemies (although this can also hurt her allies. This is the reason why Tyren and Quelle bring ear protectors). She can also use her music to give allies support (for example: increasing their speed or attack power).


  • Although Aprose has the same last name as Café, they are not related. Everyone from Swiss-Hole has Nezumi as their last name.
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