Cquote1 I... I don't know anymore. Maybe I never did. I just... The world is crashing around us, the sky is falling, and it seems like Armageddon... But... I'll rise from the ash, and I'll rebuild, make it better. Slowly but surely, it will happen... Then maybe we'll finally be happy together... Cquote2
April-May the Vixen.


April is the average height and weight for a vixen. Her build is fairly muscular, and she seems like she would be thick boned. Her fur is a very light grey color and hair is a dark grey. Her muzzle is white and a little scruffy, and she has white on the inside of her ears. Her ears look like Sticks' and are the same color as her fur. Her hair is styled into two pony tails that reach mid waist. Her hair pulled into the pony tails are a light grey and get darker towards the ends. Her eyes are a chocolate brown and they have one eye lash, and they also have a dark grey "mask" around them.

She wears a white shirt that is long sleeves. The ends of her sleeves have a navy blue cuff underneath and a has a gold button. She wears a blue tie and the collar of the shirt is the same blue. Her skirt is a bright red and reaches just above the knees. She wears black flats with no socks.


April is a young tomboy girl who loves to get her hands dirty. While being born into nobility, she is not stuck up like most of her peers and often donates most of her money earned. She loves helping others and will do whatever it takes to help a person in need. She also is very forgiving and understanding, even when she learned that her childhoid friend (Tavor) and his brothers were the vigilantes that her father sought to put in jail, not angry at him for not telling, and if anything, she was proud.

Although she appreciates her luxurious lifestyle, she often wishes she can go on an adventure, especially after having watched the news one night and seeing a segment on Sonic. That desire ended up leading her to journalism, as she learned that they often get to explore places, and she learned that she also had the ability to write fairly well, and wants to pursue the car rear.

After being used to getting her way, saying no to her can get her in a fit, depending on what it was about. Often, though, she understands why she would be declined something.


Early Life

April May was born on the thirtieth day of April. She is the only child of Paul Willson and May Willson. She lived a very pampered and spoiled life, her mother being a famous and rich actor, while her father was a normal cop. She had many friends, one of them being Tavor, and none of them wanted to be her friend just because she was a "rich girl".

Her mother died of a mysterious disease, possibly NIDS, when she was ten, and the money started to become less and less. She went from first class to upper middle class, though she didn't mind and understood what was happening. She still was able to be pampered though, and she wasn't quite poor.

In her high school years, she started to realize that she liked jornalism, noticing that she had a knack for writing and a thirst for adventure. She also started to become more fond of Tavor, and after a time, developed a small crush on him. Other than those changes, her character remained the same.

One Month Later

It isn't until after Imre's death was there a change in everything. She started to see Tavor and his brothers less and less, and a vigilante group had formed. While her father viewed them as terrorists, she loved the idea that they had superheroes in their own city, and the fact that this could be a great story. She eventually started digging around to find out more about the vigilantes, and decided that this would be her big break into stardom.

She was persistent, but none of that seemed to pay off. She still didn't know who the vigilantes were, and that put a major problem in her article she was trying to submit to a local newspaper. She tried to ask Tavor, and some of his brothers, but came across nothing.


April May seems to have no powers, and is just another teenage girl. She is rumored, though, to have some degree of charm speak, which is why she is able to solve most conflicts and get most things she wants. If she had this power, which she had been confronted on, she said that she wouldn't use it to find things out about people, as wanting to be a journalist, realizes that that would be cheating. But, when Tavor asked her about this, she smirked and said that she didn't have that power.


April doesn't seem to posses much in the abilities area. She is a normal female vixen. The only ability she possesses is a heightened sense of smell.


Being the daughter of a cop and an actor enabled her to pick up many skills.


April can fight using many styles, though her most common is a boxing-like way of fighting. Her combat has much more grace and relies heavily on speed, as she lacks raw power. She has more of a defensive style than an offensive.


With her mother being a professional actress, April has been able to develop some of those abilities. She is able to completely hide her emotions and wear a "mask"; able to show one emotion while feeling another. She has a bit of an undeveloped ability to actually preform, and when she does, she often made major roles in a play.


April is supposedly able to write very well, even winning a contest for a free trip to Hawaii once. She seems to write mostly nonfiction, but she has been seen to write fiction as well. When she does write fiction, she loves to write action, thriller, and suspense type of literature. When she writes nonfiction, she tends to write like a journalist and states facts, while also hinting an opinion here and there.


April can be fairly klutzy, and she is prone to break things like glass, but it's not on purpose. She isn't very balence don't agile, and can be easy to fight, as she's more of a peace keeper than a fighter.

She also can be a little simple minded, and willing to do almost whatever needed to get what she wants.


Being a fairly important character, she has been able to interact with many characters.

Tavor the Hedgehog

Probably the one whom she interacts with the most, Tavor and April get along very well. They are childhood friends, and talk to each other daily. They love to hang out whenever they can, and they always encourage what whichever one wants to do. They have eventually developed a crush on each other, Tavor not really thinking much about it or trying to push it away, and April worries that he doesn't feel the same or that it could hurt their relationship.

Cayo and Cade

April and Cayo get along very well. April loves Cayo's bright and positive attitude, and Cayo respects her sense of humor. Cayo often pulls pranks on her though, and April swears that she'll get revenge on him one day. It is hinted that Cayo formed a small crush on her, but it soon died when he met Alice, and April did not feel the same.

April and Cade get along very well as well. They like to talk about books, and Cade encourages her to become a writer or a journalist. They used to make up stories when they were younger, and Cade says that her stories are often better than some books he's read.


Kasper and April get along nicely. They also talk about books, and they respect each other greatly. April admires his politeness and Kasper likes her friendliness.


Alice and April are best friends. Alice often pushes April to challenge herself and is always there to help her out. April loves to talk to her and often tries to get her to not be so lazy. They work really well together and love seeing each other. April also doesn't seem to mind it when Alice grabs her book to hit Tavor.


Isla and April share mutual respect towards each other and have a close friendship. April helps Isla with her insecurities and English, and Isla helps her with her public speaking. April admires her intellect, and Isla admires her kindness.


  • "I am April-May, here to save the day! Pretty catchy, huh?"
  • "Alice, be careful not to break the spine of my book."
  • "Vigilantes huh? Sounds like a major scoop!"
  • "My father said that Mr. Gold is an evil, clever criminal who is as slippery as an eel in oil."
  • "Oh come on now! Stop having a pity party. It's not your fault. It's no ones fault, so stop beating yourself up about it."
  • "Sorry guys. I need to study for a big test coming up, but I'll be out there as soon as I can."
  • "Journalism is my passion, not this stupid gossip you keep babbling."
  • "Nope. Nope nope nope nope. I'm not dealing with this at two in the morning. Good night."


  • Aprils parents are the only ones who are seen often in the series.
  • April is is terrified of clowns, and refuses to go to carnivals because of that.
  • April is like the Mary Jane (Spider-Man) of this series.

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