Cquote1 Let me heal you... Cquote2
Apollo in battle

Apollo Athas

Biographical Information
Age  13  
Alias Mr.Athas, Sir, Pythios

Relatives Unnamed Sister, Unnamed Father
Romantic Interest(s) N/A
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Cat
Gender Male
  • Fur: Black
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Black
  • Solar Uniform
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliation Chaotic Neutral

Solar Sword

Sky Shield

  • Homing Attack
  • Solar Healing
  • Sunny Raise
Other Information
Japanese V.A. Mamoru Miyano
American V.A. Nicholas Cage
Theme Song(s) TBA
Original Creator Neoexlucky


Apollo is a black cat normally wearing a pair of khaki pants with a red T-shirt. His tennis shoes are grey. He has blue eyes and short black hair that matches his fur. He has an average build and is a little taller than most others his age.


Apollo is a very courageous young man. Often seeking a fight and never turning down a challenge, he is normally an aggressive person. He often finds himself in the heat of combat, often being the first to defend himself and his allies. Despite being young, he has a rather tall height where even some adults find themselves shorter than him. Even though he is a great defender, he lacks a lot of charisma and often doesn't make friends well. Apollo enjoys food, daylight, fighting bullies, history, and combat. He dislikes bullies, people destroying things that others can learn from, darkness, and death.


Apollo has many secrets that he keeps hidden from the group. His history is one of those. Maybe one day he'll reveal his past, but that day is not today.



Apollo has many powers within Solamancy. Including the ability to heal and revive fallen allies, he can also deal large amounts of damage using the sun to power his abilities. These can factor into a number of different siutations to help counter almost any encounter.A number of attacks that come from Soalmancy are Sunny Raise, Solar healing, Sun beam, and Day Blade.


Sword and Shield Training

During his younger years, Apollo picked up the sword and shield to help defend him. This is a rather standard way of using it, and while it isn' the prettiest skill to have, it works and it does it's job really well.



Dark is often times an opposite to light, but it is also an opposite of solamancy as well. Because Solamancy is not as strong as light, in that department, darkness can often overcoem and destroy it's oppoennet, including Apollo.


The true opposite of Solamnacy, Lunamancy is very powerful and strong against Apollo. While he can hold his own against it, after so long, his body will eventually give in.


"Sun confound it!" -Getting an E rank

"I should have used more light." -Getting a D rank

"We're getting better..." -Getting a C rank

"The sun was with me." -Getting a B rank

"There is always room for improvement." - Getting an A rank

"My powers were at their fullest." -Getting an S rank

"I almost gave away my identity." -Getting an S rank after a boss

"Beware the Sun is with me." -Fighting in 2 player mode

"Don't get up again." -After winning in 2 player mode

"Let's never talk about this again." -After losing in 2 player mode

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