"You think I care about anyone else?...I only care about making sure you and the rest of this abomination of a universe dies!"

- The Dark Master


Considered one of the most powerful abilities in existence, Apocalypse Inducement has the power to destroy anything the wielder so wishes from a planet to an entire universe depening on the power level. This power can be invisioned through different forms such as a fiery apocalypse or a blast of energy ethier way entire races have been wiped out through this devastating power.


Significant Variants

Pyro Apocalypse - A hellish form of Apocalypse Inducement, this variant causes an apocalypse in the a fiery storm of destruction.

Cryo Apocalypse - This form of Apocalypse Inducement causes an apocalypse in the form of an Ice storm which can freeze everything to death.

Energy Apocalypse - The third form of Apocalypse Inducement, this variant literally blasts everything apart in a burst of energy and can disintergrate atoms, matter and other energies/forces.

Power Levels

Minor Apocalypse Inducement - The normal standard of Apocalypse Inducement, this level allows for destruction of planets and star systems. While considered weak in the levels of Apocalypse Inducement this can cause mass amounts of genocide

Major Apocalypse Inducement - A higher level of Apocalypse Indcuement, this level can allow for destruction of super clusters and even a universe. A much more powerful level this can wipe out entire forms of reality.

Masterful Apcalypse Inducement - Considered the highest achievable form of Apocalypse Inducement, this level can destroy Mulitverses themselves which in turn destroys an infinite number of universes contained with in them.

Unbound Apocalypse Indcuement - The ultimate form of Apocalypse Inducement, this level can destroy the Omniverse itself and causes Omnicide the destruction of every single form of life. The only way to use this form of Apocalypse Inducement is through omnipotence such as the artifact, The Infinity Emerald.


If used improperly the technique can backfire and instead kill the wielder during the process plus this is an irreversable technique so if the wielder should have second thoughts after using this power they cannot reverse it.

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