Aomaru has blue hair, green eyes & wears glasses. As a child he would wear white dress shirts & ties often. After becoming a high ranking officer in King Shadow's Military he would generally wear a black suit, with a black tie, & formal black pants. While Aomaru has always worn white gloves, he wears well kept black loafers when serving Shadow. During the reign of King Sonic, Aomaru would wear lighter formal clothing often.


Aomaru has a very tidy & intellectual personality. After joining Shadow's Military out of respect & gratitude for the King he serves saving his sister's life, he develops his own system of Justice. He despises disorder, & is well known among low ranking officers for how strict he is. While he will forgive those who are orderly under his command, he won't tolerate them breaking the rules he has set. He once was incapable of cruelty as a child interestingly enough.


After asking King Shadow for the chance to serve him in the military, Aomaru found himself placed under Lien Da's command. His kinetic powers would grow heavily under the numerous trials she placed on him.

Aomaru would quickly become a highranked military officer. He would command Shadow's Naval forces in battle against many savages over 4 years.

Disgusted by how disorderly his king had become, Aomaru insanely confronts Shadow. This ultimately results in a series of events that lead to him falling into a coma. When he is comatose, Aomaru is taken home by his sister.

Aomaru awakens from his coma during the reign of King Sonic, much of his memory is hazy at this point. He remembers that he had served King Shadow, although not the battles he was in or the things that he did over that time. Aomaru would grow closer to his sister during this time, while suffering from strange nightmares. Aomaru would slowly grow to accept the new reign, although the PSTD & OCD he had would require him to inquire about the political situation.




Umbrakinesis (after his tail splits)


  • Aomaru can't bring himself to attack those who meet his standards of order, unless he sees them attacking those who are orderly.
  • Additionally he finds himself unable to strike girls who remind him of his sister.
  • Aomaru also is known to lose his judgement in situations where he is surrounded by that which is unclean. This taking priority of eliminating that which disgusts him may stem from OCD.
  • After recovering from his comatose state, Aomaru suffers from PTSD.


  • Aomaru was named for his blue hair & has his mother's surname.
  • From a young age Aomaru has enjoyed the ancient literature of humanity, & is known to reference it. He has also come to believe his ancestors may have been human.


  • "You would dare represent our great King, Shadow-sama, with your clear lack of cleanliness? How many times must I throw you overboard before the message sinks in."
  • "What were you thinking soldier, you would have been better off hiding in your own closet than coming here without wearing a tie today! Leave now lest you bring disgrace to our king!"
  • "I don't care if you do pushups or run laps, just keep yourself looking proper when you serve under me! We should be a shining example to the savages we fight of our great king's excellence."
  • "There were many good reads from the ancient past, it's unfortunate that so much was lost. I refuse to let savages destroy any more rare books. Those savages must pay for all that they have destroyed, & now thanks to our King, I possess the power to make that happen."
  • "Are you familiar with how our world ended? There once was a growing prosperous civilization, then savages from another world came, bombarding our cities with explosions of high radiation."
  • "The past few years are a bit of a blur for me, I was in the military serving our King Shadow, although I don't remember much other than that."
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