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"I never knew the world was so... breathtaking... thanks for showing me this, Sonic"
—Anya when Sonic shows her around Emerald Beach
"But I... Uhh... I don't know what to think anymore... How could they do this... to me?"
—Anya after being told that her brother was killed by G.U.N
"Time to watch me float like a butterfly!"
—Anya's signature quote when beginning a performance
This is an article about Anya Tiger-Lily, a character created by Wolfia Tigernay on 10/5/2013.


Anya Tiger-Lily
Full name
Anya Tiffany Tiger-Lily
24 (in Cry Me A River only)

26 (in Fear Of The World/End Beast)

46 (In fear Of Changing Fate)
Sumatran Tiger
Team Rose

Team Heroes (sometimes)

Eggman Empire (formerly)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Husband)

Mistletoe the Hedgehog (daughter)

Brooke (Holly) the Tiger (daughter)

Byron Tiger-Lily (brother)

Jemma Tiger-Lily (mother)

Oliver the Tiger (father)

Misteria the Wolf (sister-in-law)

Carman the Hedgehog (sister-in-law)

Shadow the Hedgehog (brother-in-law) Rouge the Bat (sister-in-law) Jacob the Hedgehog/ghost hybrid (brother-in-law)

Roxanne the Wolf (niece)
Elbow-length green ash gloves

Green crop top Green sandals

Black skater skirt
Rusty red hair

green eyes one black ear and one orange ear with a black stripe over it

black stripe between her eyes
Game appearances
Sonic: Speed demons

Sonic: Under the skin
Appearances in other media
Sonic A

Sonic the Comic (issue 1111110)

Sonic Ghost busters movie
Anya is usually shown to have a black ear and with short, red hair that covers up a bit of her eyes which are a deep green like Amy Rose's. Anya loves to wear anything as long as it is fashionable and green or black.  Her right cheek is black and several of her fingers are also black. The tip of her tail is a snow white.
Irritated anya

Anya when annoyed or someone mocks the movies she has appeared in


Anya is beautiful with both her looks and her personality. She donates 3/4 of the money raised at the events she hosts or takes apart in to charities and spends most of the remaining money on her friends and family. She never thinks about taking without asking the person it belongs to first. She loves to help with cooking and stops Rouge the Bat and Carman the Hedgehog when they get into fights.


As a child, she was lead into messing around with the reports the Ark sent down to Earth with her friends Pablo Samurai the Rabbit and Misteria the Wolf. She became quite a troublemaker from an early age and resented Altha the Wolf, Oliver the Tiger, Stephine the Fox and Flora the Rabbit. At the age of twelve, her home on the Ark was invaded by G.U.N, killing her mother and father, kidnapping her brother, Byron, and recieving multiple bullet wounds from the soldiers. The damage she had taken in was too much for her and she collaped, being sent into a coma.

After 64 years of being in the coma, she woke up trapped in a status tube deep within Eggman's base. She was told by Eggman that the humans killed everyone, even her brother, and took control of Shadow and Carman who they used to blackmail those humans rising up aginst what they did. Anya believed every word he said and she started to flip out, destroying his base. After she knocked herself out, Eggman took a DNA sample for him to use as he admired her power. With her DNA, he was able to create Maduro, a white tiger with a murderous instint. When Sonic came to defeat Eggman and Maduro, he saw within the status tube once again. Shadow didn't feel as if she could be trusted, but Carman said they knew Anya from when she was a kid, taking everyone by surprise. They woke her up and she fell madly in love with Sonic.


  • "Like I've always said: I'm the fastest being ever!" After reciving a 'S' rank on a level.
  • "HA! I'd like to see you do better than that!" After recieving an 'A' rank on a level.
  • "Well, I could've done better I suppose," After recieving a 'B' rank on a level.
  • "Damn... I'm late... Again!" After recieving a 'C' rank on a level.
  • "That's what I get for thinking about my hair on the job!" After recieveing a 'D' rank on a level.
  • "No time like the present!" When starting a level.
  • "If I'm fast on land, I'm like a god when it comes to Extreme Gear!" When starting na Extreme Gear race.
  • "Let's get this fun train going!" When selected as a playable character.


  • Even though she was in a coma for over 50 years (she was sent into her coma at the age of 12), she didn't seem fazed by the modern technology. Also, she seemed to know a lot about being an adult even though she has 13 years worth of knowlage.
  • Her speed has trippled since she got her artificial legs. 
  • When she was first thought of, her name was Tiffany, which later became her middle name as her creator thought having a name like Tiffany Tiger-Lily the Tiger was too confusing.

Theme song

  • Rockstar by Prima J
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