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Anxu was created about 100 years ago in Makai. She trained herself to master multiple types of martial arts. As time passed by, she met a young demon named Aiko, and they became close friends. The two became a duo, Anxu was the fighter and Aiko was the magic caster. They often went out on crazy adventures and tried to defeat monsters, but they mostly failed. Nevertheless, the two continued to work together to become the strongest fighters ever.


Anxu is a very tall, red-haired humanoid. She wears a green Chinese-esque top and a skirt with a slit on the side. Her hair is worn long, with two braids hiding her ears. She also wears a green beret that matches the rest of her outfit. Her eyes are blue-green.


Anxu is very clumsy. She is also extremely smart because she has lived for so long. However, she is considered very young by most youkai standards. Anxu also has a very short attention span and an even shorter temper. It is very easy to anger her. Because of her short attention span, she often becomes bored and falls asleep.

Strengths, Abilities, and Powers

Anxu is very skilled in martial arts. She can preform a series of fast kicks, but they are very weak. Her other kicks and punches are a little weak too, but her jump kicks are deadly-that is if they hit her opponent.

She is very horrible with magic, causing Aiko to constantly tease her about how she can't control magic.

General Information

Anxu currently resides at the Kurogane Manor, often visiting Aiko whenever she has time to. Anxu is usually the only person Aiko is able to talk to regularly, due to everyone else being busy with work.


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