Antonio the Hedgehog is a young squire from the Order of Forests, a chivalrous order aligned with the element of Nature. While fairly unassuming; Antonio is the eldest child of one of the heads of the Order of Forests, and as such has many eyes watching him as a future leader.

To the surprise of many observers, Antonio is a trained cavalier who rides a horse into battle, a sight uncommon outside more primitive countries.


With his deep olive green fur darker than the canopy of many trees; Antonio stands tall and proud, always carrying himself with regal confidence despite only being a squire. His peach skin has tanned fairly dark from his time spent outdoors; though this has left him with incredibly obvious tan lines where his clothing has covered exposed skin. His eyes almost have a keen focus to them, with royal blue irises often attracting attention.


While he is still only classed as a squire, Antonio typically dresses in a manner similar to the nobility of many kingdoms, shying away from the normal light armor or simplistic formal clothing many other squires wear. This consists of a white tunic edged with thick golden lines. These golden markings have been further detailed with yellow thread, creating the faint yet detailed patterns of blossoming flowers and leaves within. He matches this with a pair of white riding pants and formal white boots, as well as a tan belt.

However, this outfit is accentuated by a forest green greatcoat that reaches just above his knee in length. Clearly tailored for wear while riding his horse, this greatcoat has dark brown leather shoulder guards built into it's form, each one similarly detailed with a faint leaf motif.



Born into a family with long-running ties to the Order of Forests; with a distant connection to nobility within the Verdant Federation; Antonio has proven himself to some degree worthy of the overconfident self-portrayal that he puts forward. Despite his relative inexperience, the young hedgehog has a natural talent for combat, both on horseback and on foot alike.

Antonio grew up around war horses, and has become a fairly skilled cavalier of his own in the footsteps of his father. His personal mount, Ares, is a fairly feisty beast that has proven to be fairly flighty and excitable, especially on the battlefield.

While he has training with some modern weaponry and fighting styles, Antonio's primary weapon is a Woodguard Lance; an atypical spear that he prefers to use on horseback to take advantage of the extra momentum offered by his mount. The key attribute of this lance is not the elemental affinity, but rather the lance's ability to help reduce the effectiveness of hostile Nature-aligned attacks. He also employs that element on horseback; though this is mostly either defensively or through the lance, preferring to let Ares do his thing.

On foot, Antonio mostly employs hand-to-hand combat, though he is not afraid to utilize his lance or small explosive charges should circumstances force it. In his case, his fighting style is very upper-body focused with a tendency towards counterattacks. He has shown a number of atypical punches, in particular a twisting uppercut that some have referred to as a "corkscrew punch". He also incorporates Nature into his fighting style more on foot than on his horse. While he has shown a wide range of basic Nature-aligned techniques, he has a preference for one known as Forest Press, which creates a small wall of trees and plants in an attempt to push his opponent around at high speed.

While he is not so adept with it, Antonio has been receiving training from some of the Knights within the Order of Forests to utilize explosives as a utility, rather than a primary combat skill. To this extent, Antonio employs V5 High Explosive as it is malleable and easier to work with, as well as being somewhat safer than standard plastic explosives even if the yield is lacking. He has not indicated whether or not he will retain the use of explosives upon reaching the grade of Knight, though it appears to be somewhat likely.

Antonio has a rather glaring weakness to Fire; as it is something that neither his fighting style while mounted on Ares or his hand-to-hand fighting style has ever managed to best, and his elemental control has little to no chance in direct combat with.








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