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Antonio was born about 4 years after Frida, his older sister. Where he used to live, he would always get bullied for his social class, though not his gender. Despite this, he never felt lonely, as he always had his sister to keep him company.

He would always look up to her throughout the years, and try to help her in any way he could. In most cases, this would cause him to get in trouble along with her, despite doing little himself. This had reached a high-point when he had tried to help her form a large group, only to find that said group was going to start a revolution in their area, with Frida in charge of firing the first shot to start. After she missed her mark, Antonio quickly ran in and dragged her out as the fight began. Now unsafe to stay, the two had fled from their hometown.

Then they ran for what seemed like years to them (though only about maybe 4 months in reality,) until one day, both had boarded a train, and after taking their seats, had found a wanted poster with their names/faces on it. As Antonio tried to take it down before anybody could see, they were approached by Jared, who had saw the paper, and had offered them amnesty for their past crimes, in exchange for their services at EQuartz. Antonio had convinced his sister to agree to this, and they were finally free from their past. After a brief introduction and meeting with the other members, Antonio had headed off to his assigned hotel room, and after a long time of running, had finally had a proper rest.

Events of the EQuartz Committee


Despite being trained by his sister, Antonio actually has really good aim. This is because his eyes allow him to view things from far away. He has no real powers otherwise. He wasn't really born with anything special other than good vision


Antonio serves as somewhat of a polar opposite to Frida. While she is very lustful, Antonio prefers not to delve into emotional relationships with others. He also likes to take time to plan out his decisions and strategize scenarios (which sometimes leads to him pondering a scenario hours after it ended), while Frida simply runs in and hopes to accomplish something with her recklessness. He tends to argue a lot with her over her impulsiveness or his overthinking, but despite their differences, Antonio still does care for her as both a sibling and as a friend.

Around other people, Antonio acts mostly the same, though is slightly more shy when he is alone. Antonio prefers to stay around people that he knows as it helps him relax and think about how he is not living in his sister's shadow. When truly alone for long enough, many negative thoughts about himself will begin to pop up in his mind and take quite some time to let up.


Antonio is at an average height of most mobians, standing at about 3'2". His skin is a really light shade of green and skin as rough as a cactus should be. His thorns are condensed to several organized patches that align across his limbs. He wears a brown long-sleeved shirt with a large red zigzag going through the center, and an orange bandanna, similar to what Frida wears. His eyes are a light shade of gold, and his hair is cut short.


  • Antonio was based on the idea of a genderbent Cactus Girl from Gregory Horror Show.
  • Antonio was originally going to be much younger and would act as a naive young child made to be solely a sidekick for Frida, but is currently being rewritten to be somewhat more independent of her.
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