Antonio Mucciolio (also known as Tony or Tonio) is a former Formula 1 racer from the Black Onyx Racing Team along with Vic. He is invited to join The Mobius Race by Sonic, as he has potential to be a great racer once again.


Antonio wears loose-fitting sneakers, cargo pants, a tie dye jacket and tie dye bandana. He has a silver earring in his left ear. He wears the jacket, with popped collar, open-faced, with T-shirt with the logo on it for the Barcelona City Mail Service, for whom he works for. During the Race, he wears the Team Sonic uniform.


Antonio is generally laid-back, but can go off on others when he feels they aren't working with the team or doing something they aren't supposed to.


Antonio was born in Zaragoza, Spain, but has lived in Barcelona, Spain since he was 5. His father worked for many years as an attorney, and spent 12 years as the representative of the Les Corts district of Barcelona on the city council. He began racing and playing football (soccer) at age 8. He was stellar in both, winning many junior championships in both.

At age 12, he began to consider racing more seriously than football. He suffered a leg injury while playing football, and he gave up the sport entirely. At age 14, he was selected by Ocean Blue Tech Motorsports to compete in GP2. He was the runner up back to back years in the series. He downgraded to Formula 3 and won the Formula 3 championship at age 18.

He struggled to get to the top, with many wondering if his once promising racing career was over. However, in steps Hugh McKnight. McKnight brought in both Antonio and Victor "Vic" Khangan to be pay drivers for his Black Onyx Racing Team. He struggled through his first season with the team, scoring no championship points and failing to qualify for all 16 races. He arrived the next year, and made the first three races in Argentina, Australia, and San Marino. However, halfway through the season, Vic was replaced with Giovanni Torrenni. At the age of 24, Antonio had his racing career ended.

Antonio then began work as a letter carrier, and became known as the fastest letter carrier in all of Barcelona. He would occasionally engage in racing in illegal street racing gangs, and used the car Backdraft. He was chosen by Sonic due to his professional racing past and speed as a letter carrier, speed that can rival Sonic. He joined the race just in time for the second leg, Chemical Plant. He also didn't enter Crisis City because his car failed on him while he was trying to enter zone, mainly because there was a crimped fuel line that prevented the car from accelerating. He later assisted Team Sonic in their fight with Team Shadow over the Chaos Emeralds, which resulted in them being scattered all over Mobius. After the race, Antonio became the research and development (R&D) driver for Noir Racing in France.


Antonio has the ability to give himself a temporary boost in running speed, speed that rivals Sonic.


Antonio is useful in his ability to analyze situations. His situational analysis helped Team Sonic out of some tricky situations in the Race.


Antonio is skilled in navigation, which he learned from his many years as a letter carrier in Barcelona.


His main weakness is his inability to emote properly. Often times, this leads to him becoming distant from everyone, and his violent outbursts don't help either.

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