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Antonio Mozart "Mozzie" Terrè is a male half-badger, half-skunk Mobian born about two thousand years into the future of the Prime Zone. He was created as comic relief alongside Monty Vao.


Antonio was formerly a rich billionaire who ran the Starship Factory Division for the Sira Dynasty that ruled over the galactic communist Sira Empire. He lived a very pleasurable life at that time, getting everything he ever wanted with the minor cost of working on a new project. This "paradise" as Antonio once called it was cut short when the plans for a new starship were stolen by rebels. He was charged with the lie that he assisted the rebels and was given the death penalty.

However, Antonio was rescued by Rhyna the Echidna and her crew before he could be executed. Rhyna, somewhat suspicious of him at first, questioned him before deciding to let him join her crew. Antonio was given the warning that the work on a pirate ship would not be nearly as pleasurable as his former life as a rich billionaire.

W. I. P.


Antonio is your typical greedy and selfish billionaire, always trying to keep everything to himself. He also dislikes helping other people and will become annoyed if someone pesters him about it. He also has a horrible temper, often making him extremely unpredictable and occasionally dangerous. He hates being told what to do, especially if he gets nothing in return. Antonio can also come off as very lazy, which frequently annoys the crew of the Dark Flame.

However, Antonio has occasionally shown some respect towards Rhyna, possibly because she saved his life. He frequently annoys the Dark Flame crew with his absent mindedness, and a person may have to say something several times before Antonio gets it through his head that someone is talking to him. Antonio has also been shown to be very arrogant, thinking that he is the best at everything. This frequently frustrates Rhyna, who often has to prove to Antonio frequently that he is not the best at everything.


Fanon Characters

  • Rhyna- Antonio has some respect towards her, and usually doesn't dare disobey a single order she says
  • Monty J. T. Vao- Antonio expresses deep loathing of Monty and frequently calls him a stupid child, often crushing Monty's self-esteem
  • Jenna- (adding later)


Antonio does not have a very wide skill set. He is an expert in engineering and construction, as well as hacking systems (something he frequently claims to have done in his youth). Antonio is slightly below average when it comes to handling a rifle, and he has limited experience in any form of fighting.


Antonio cannot use any firearm other than a rifle and even with that, his skills are pretty limited. He also has the running gag of having to walk around in a bathrobe because of not having enough time to prepare. Antonio frequently trips over this bathrobe, one time almost blowing his head off because of that. Antonio also can become angry very easily and in this state is extremely unpredictable. He also has sometimes been shown to be absent minded, not paying much attention to his environment. Antonio also has been known to be lazy, often having to be prodded to do any work.

Additional Quotes

"I'm a pirate, not a... oh, right." - Antonio frustrated with being a member of the Dark Flame crew

"Oh, come on already! I could hack any system in my sleep when I was a five year-old!" - Antonio annoyed that he didn't get to hack a computer system

"Turn that smile upside down, will you?!" - Antonio... just being himself

"Say what now?" - Antonio, absent minded

"Go away, you're disturbing my nap!" - Antonio, annoyed that his nap had been interrupted

"I hate my life." - Antonio commenting on a question about his opinion on his current lifestyle

"Egad!" - Antonio just... exclaiming

"You're nothing but a scared little child, Montgomery! Can't you see you're nothing to this crew?"- Antonio trying to get a rise out of Monty


  • Antonio is based on Mr. Burns from The Simpsons, though definitely not nearly as old.
  • Antonio is voiced by Patrick Stewart, who played Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek: The Next Generation.
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