Antoine Depardieu is a member of the Freedom Fighters and a swordsman.


Antoine is a light brown furred coyote with beige markings on his face, neck, and stomach. He has blond hair and blue eyes. Oddly enough, Antoine has no visible tail, though it could possibly be hidden under his jacket. He wears a red and blue coat with yellow buttons, and red boots.



Antoine knew the other Freedom Fighters since childhood, and was with them when they were evacuated to Knothole after Robotnik's coup. He has some connection to the Royal Guard. According to Snively's computer files, Antoine had training as a squire in the "Delmont Province" during his youth.


During the events of the Sonic the Hedgehog TV show, Antoine was cowardly and scared much of the time. He did not contribute much to the fight against Dr. Robotnik, and was more or less a "load" on the team.


Antoine is clumsy, cowardly, self-important and pompous. He is very French-oriented, and often has trouble speaking English. In order to win the affection of Sally, Antoine would pretend to be brave, but this always failed. He thinks of himself as Sonic's rival, but everyone else thinks that is too high of an opinion of himself. Antoine sometimes shows signs of jealousy towards Sonic's heroism and once tried to defeat Dr. Robotnik on his own to win Sally's respect, but it went wrong and Sonic eventually had to save him.

He is also extremely fastidious about his hygiene, clothes and home. He is a gourmand and connoisseur of fine foods, and to him witnessing fine dishes being prepared incorrectly is as bad as physical torture. He is also superstitious, being frightened by ghost stories and panicking when he heard that there was a curse.

As time went on, however, Antoine became less cowardly and egotistical. This was due to Bunnie and Sally encouraging him, and his own self-confidence. He even took up sword fighting, willing to participate in battles. Even Sonic gained a bit of respect for Antoine, after these changes.


He has a good sense of smell, being a canine. (More coming soon.)


Antoine is a skilled swordsman. He is also somewhat skilled at cooking. (More coming soon.)



Antoine's parents


Sally Acorn

Antoine is quite smitten with Sally. However, Sally does not return his feelings.

Bunnie Rabbot

See Bunntoine for more info.

Bunnie and Antoine are on good terms. Bunnie shows some affection towards Antoine, such as pinching his cheek. She also sometimes flirts with him. It is implied that Bunnie has a crush on Antoine, and that Antoine would reciprocate her feelings if he was willing to let go of his crush on Sally.

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Sonic the Hedgehog

Antoine considers Sonic to be his rival. Sonic, however, sees Antoine as more of a nuisance, if anything. (More coming soon.)



Antoine doesn't interact with Tails very often. However, their relationship is better than that of Antoine and Sonic's.

Knuckles the Echidna

Antoine has had little interaction with Knuckles, so their exact relationship is unknown.

Jim the Dog


Dr. Robotnik



These are a list of tropes pertaining to Antoine.


  • "You are a fuel."
  • "Sacré bleu cheese!"
  • "Mon Dieu!" - My God!
  • "Hérisson imbécile..." - Idiot hedgehog.
  • "Je ne reçois jamais tout appréciation..." - I never get any appreciation.
  • "Non, non! You are using too much of the butter!"


  • Despite being a North American animal, Antoine has a European accent.
  • He is again voiced by Rob Paulsen.
  • Unlike his cartoon counterpart (most of the time), this version of Antoine often speaks in fluent French, as opposed to French-sounding gibberish.


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