Antoine D'Coolette (アントワン・デクレット Antowan Dekuretto) is an adult character in the Sonic XX 2D/3D Anime series.

Antoine is presumably one of the Weakest Royal Space Marines in the Commonwealth despite his good Swordsmanship but loses over the far superior Bartleby Montclair.


Antoine is occasionally cowardly (although refusing to be a cannon fodder), self-important and a creative guy. He is typically known to envy other's swordsmanship and the wielding of specially treasured swords.

Antoine is also known to speak two languages at once, Acornite and Coniferian, he speaks Acornite with a dash of grammatical issues.

Antoine originally had a crush on several Mobian girls, his first was Princess Slaughter before failing his combat test then transitioned to the Commonwealth to meet Sally in his teens.


Antoine's attire is a pair of red boots, Black gloves and a Maplerian Royal Guard's jacket, unlike the Mundane Commonwealth Royal Guard Jackets, which are red in color, they are blue with swapped palettes, much like the Coniferian royal guard jackets.

Of course Antoine applies a spray of Cryodust on his uniform before wearing or take Cold Showers in the Space Barracks to stay cool for 4-6 hours during combat.

Special Abilities

One of Antoine's trademark ability is to morph into any historical warrior known to history, unlike Sonic with his Superspeed, Tails with his twin-tailed flight, Bunnie with her Super high jump and Sally with her permanent wallstanding ability/half-swording skills.

Antoine still has the courage clock in combat to tell how long his bravery lasts.


Antoine was born in Mobodoon, Coniferia, he was issued as a young knight of Princess Slaughter by his father Armand D'Coolette. He was also gifted with Supernatural powers to morph into any historical warriors including Samurai's, WWII-era Soldiers, and so on.

During the Attack of Dr. Eggman and Dr. Bulbous, Antoine's cowardice was strongly prominent while Sally uses her tactical skills to defeat the Badinks and liberate poorer Freedom Fighter members. He pretends to have Allegiance for the Princess of the Commonwealth but was later stated false as he later had to marry Bunnie instead.


Antoine is good with swords, pistols and has some excellent eye sight. His weaponry skills are locked into his war Reenactment ability.

He is also able to lightly harness Chaos items and use certain Chaos Powers, such as Chaos Saber, which Sally and Hail also uses.

Metarexophobia and Meeting Sir Christopher

Christopher Thorndyke along with Frances came to visit Knothole to expand the roster of their Light-sided Freedom Fighters group. Antoine welcomed them to his barracks with a huge supply of arms including Katanas from Tails' culture and ancient Coyote Tribal Tomahawks.

The Metarex barely reminded him of the Black Arms he used to fight during the Commonwealth-Black Arms War. Despite the Fact Antoine never fought before, he is starting to have Metarexophobia.

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