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Antoine D'Coolette/

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Antoine D'Coolette, known as Antoine Depardieu in the 1993 Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, is a coyote swordsman and a member of the Freedom Fighters.


Antoine is depicted as a brown-furred coyote with tan facial fur and blond hair, his eyes usually colored blue. As a youngster prior to the war, he was seen wearing a blue smock and a red ascot with red boots. His most common attire is his father Armand's old Royal Army uniform, a blue jacket with red trim, gold pads on the shoulders. He kept the red boots of his childhood, but sometimes was depicted with blue boots.

Post Genesis Wave, Antoine is a Mobian coyote about a meter tall. He has mainly red-brown fur with pale yellow fur on his front torso, muzzle and cheek tufts, blue eyes, and as well short and neatly combed blonde hair on his head. For attire, he wears red boots and arm cuffs, and two sword straps that connect on his chest, forming a "X"-shape. He also has a belt colored red and white, with a gray buckle connecting the straps, and white-colored gloves and leg cuffs.


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