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The Anti.Moebian.Space.Armada or A.M.S.A, is a sub-faction and the primary space navy of the Anti Mobian Army. It's main goal is to protect it's homeworld, Moebius, as well as Moebius's allies and other interests in space and other worlds. While the A.M.S.A's fleet is of considerable numbers, it is often spread too thin, and therefore is more than happy to accept joint operations with the AMF's allies. The A.M.S.A is under the command of Admiral Harold Harden the Raven.


While under the authority given directly by AMF leader, Deraj Ivan Bradanska, Admiral Harold Harden has been tasked with choosing the best and brightest to become A.M.S.A. Only the finest pilots, space marines, and crewman can fully become A.M.S.A members. Training is rigorous, (as is any ordinary AMA soldier's,) and skills and abilities that are useful in space are valued amongst the organization. Many scientists, engineers, technicians, strategists, and brave and adventurous soldiers are recruited by the A.M.S.A to join the ranks and serve Moebius from the stars.  
Azark Carrier

An A.M.S.A Azark Carrier


The A.M.S.A maintains policies that are very much similar to the AMA. They fall under the same authority as the AMA leadership, and are expected to behave just as the AMA would towards their allies and enemies. However, in times of emergency the A.M.S.A is allowed to operate individually, provided it is given the proper clearance and orders. 

An A.M.S.A Asgald Support Frigate.

Base of Operations

The A.M.S.A's bases are spread all over the anti-verse, and even in other universes as well. Their main staging area is of course their homeworld, Space Colony Gray Star, and on the moons orbiting Moebius. Not only this, but they have numerous bases and shipyards orbiting their allies homeworlds of Cavari, Turanta, and Livhar. The .A.M.S.A has sworn to protect their allies' planets should they ever become threatened in return for their planets continued support with the AMF and the AMA
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An A.M.S.A marine stationed on an AMF colony of Alulris.


A.M.S.A forces en route to the planet Tundras.


All A.M.S.A forces have to be trained to live, function, and fight in space and harsh conditions that many of their bodies are not adapted to. As such many training facilities help their bodies to adapt to the conditions of space. Many colonies under the AMF are recruited as they usually are more adapted to these conditions and serve as worthy candidates. While the A.M.S.A's primary environment is the cold regions of space, sometimes they are called for orbital engagements and even planetary operations. As such the AMSA also supports AMA soldiers who are more adapted to ground combat.


The Standard issued Tra-89R space suit is uniform, life support, and combat suit of all A.M.S.A Space Marines, it is worn with pride and one of the primary responsibilities to be maintained by the average A.M.S.A marine. While support crew are allowed to take off their suits in habitual areas while on deck, they are also given blue colored space suits to signify they are crew, orange is given to pilots.


The A.M.S.A was formed after the Moebians came in contact with the Cavarians on their homeworld. Since then the Federation allowed itself to gain ties with the aliens and by mutual cooperation, and by negotiations the AMF was given enough materials to build their own fleets, thus the A.M.S.A was born. In return Moebius has pledged to defend it's allies on other worlds, even during the AMA/GUN/Egg war.

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