Anti-Sid is a fan-made character created by Heroic412229. He is the polar opposite of Sid the Hero and the second-in-command of Team Anti-Human. Like his good counterpart, he was a former human, currently, a hybrid character with the power of Ergokinesis, expect much darker, eviler, and more foreboding than his good counterpart.



As a regular human, Anti-Sid was a brown-skinned, short, black-haired teenage boy with black eyes. He also has a scar on his right cheek, unlike his good counterpart.


He wears a purple and red shirt, dark brown pants with a brown belt wrapped around it, and white and red shoes.


As a hybrid, Anti-Sid is a brown humanoid-like being with 2 long black skinny antennae drooping back from the back of his head, one of which is broken in half, 4 small spikes on his right, full antenna and 2 on his broken one, large pink butterfly wings on his back that lack no facial accessories of any kind and holes on them, a brown furry squirrel tail that holds up and is more spiky, large white cartoon-like expressive eyes with black pupils that lack eyebrows, eyelashes, and irises, lacks a nose and ears, has a cartoon-like expressive mouth and has short black or dark brown hair. He also keeps his scar on his right cheek.


He wears a pair of dark gray shorts, a white shirt, a black leather jacket with purple patches on the elbows, dark blue jeans with purple patches on the knees, and black and purple boots on them.


Anti-Sid is the polar opposite of Sid in terms of personality. He's normally pessimistic, and usually sees the evil and darker side of everyone. He's also has a rebellious and sarcastic streak and hates being told what to do, unless it's from his love interest, Anti-Clover. Unlike his good counterpart, who can be immature and impulsive, Anti-Sid is usually cautious, calm, collected, and likes to think ahead when needed. He's usually in a downer mood and groans when he's alone, which annoys his little sister, Anti-Rana.

In spite of that, he can be excitable, aggressive, and willing to have some fun when he wants to and likes causing trouble when he feels like it. Unlike his good counterpart, who has a compassionate and self-conscious heart when he's done something wrong, Anti-Sid is a bully and sadist who doesn't care about right and wrong as long as he gets what he wants.

The only redeeming trait that Anti-Sid has is that he cares for his love interest and will do whatever she says in spite of his rebellious streak. He also loves his family deep down but doesn't want to admit it due to wanting to keep his evil personality in check.

Anti-Sid hates art and prefers writing, especially in his journal about what he plans to do after he tries to impersonate the real Sid and take over his world. He also prefers heavy-metal and jazz instead of rock and ballad.


Powers and Abilities

While opposition to the good Sid in terms of personality, Anti-Sid does have the same powers as Sid does, except darker and more foreboding. Anti-Sid has the power of Ergokinesis like his good counterpart, except he has a darker aura compared to his good counterpart. He can also use his powers in


  • His ergokinesis can't be created from out of nowhere, it needs to be gathered from an already existing source nearby.
  • Anti-Sid has a major phobia of bats and mice, except for characters like Anti-Rouge.
  • His ergokinesis can be canceled out or erased by beings and sources of Anti-Energy Manipulation.
  • Anti-Sid's sadistic personality can make him like seeing others suffer too much at times.
  • Anti-Sid's constant groaning can get annoy others and leave him distracted at times.
  • Anti-Sid is a vegetarian and doesn't like meat a lot. This can be used as a distraction to make him grossed out at times.
  • His ergokinesis doesn't work on Energy-Immunity users and sources.
  • Anti-Sid's ergokinesis requires a lot of focus when in use and can be negated by being distracted or caught off guard.
  • The amount of ergokinesis Sid can use is tied to the amount of strength and energy he has in his body. The more the energy he has, the bigger and more powerful the amount of ergokinesis he can use. If he uses too much energy than he already has, he will become fatigued and will need other sources to regain it, such as food. At the same time, if he absorbs too much energy, he might overload his energy, which may result in major headaches unless he can release some of it from his body.
  • Due to him never having ergokinesis before he became a hybrid, he is very inexperienced and has trouble controlling his powers when needed, though he does get better over time through training and practice.
  • Anti-Sid can't absorb specific types of energy for varying reasons; for example, poison because it could make him or others sick or even die.
  • As powerful as his ergokinesis is, it's not able to blast through incredibly solid substances, such as gold and titanium.
  • Objects or users without energy can't be absorbed.


Theme Song


Anti-Rana Franklin

His Parents




Scourge the Hedgehog

Dr. Kintobor

Anti-Lilac "Rosebud" Wood

Anti-Platinum Foehn


  • Anti-Rana Franklin (Little Sister)
  • Anti-Laurel Franklin (Mother, deceased)
  • Anti-Stephen Frank (Father, deceased)
  • Anti-Sandra Franklin (Grandmother)
  • Anti-Bob Franklin (Grandfather)







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