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"Oh, Bravo, Braaaaaaavo, Raven the Crapper-hog, just so very bloody good."

Anti-Raven, or Nevar, is a British scientist and Moebian Counterpart of Raven the Cyberhog. He is often debated as either a porcupine or a hedgehog because he claims to be either one of the two, and he doesn't know what species he is himself due an experiment gone wrong, apparently memory erasing wrong. He is responsible for creating a robotic hedgehog known as Armageddon as his way of rebelling against being exiled from his world. He is the ballistics member of the Powercore Unit.


Like Raven, he is 15, but is believed to be a porcupine. He has peach skin, light brown spikes that point downward on the sides of his head,  and some  a pointed like a Mohawk on his forehead, and three spines on his head that act as bangs. He has aqua green eyes, and wears a monocle over one his eyes. He also has some spines on his back that stick out of his back. He wears a white lab coat, a gray vest with a silver center and collar, a black undershirt, white gloves, blue jeans, and orange shoes covered in white plating and have silver rims.


Anti-Raven is mostly a serious and hard-working person that would go a major distance with machines, sometimes a bit too far. He generally won't listen to someone who gives small talk or is just being an ignorant or stubborn, generally to the point of when he shouts, "GET THE HECK OUTTA MY LAB!! NOW!! So unless you have a bone to pick with him, it is best not to disturb him while his is at work. While he is NOT at work, though, he is normally ambitious, determined, and attentive to others, sometimes striking a conversation with others, a FRIENDLY conversation. He is also calm and quiet whenever he is alone, usually studying up on insects, birds, and doing a little research here and there.

However, when he was exiled from Mobius by the order of Scourge the Hedgehog, anti-Raven was set right on edge, enraged, and vengeful with a passion. This is the type of anger he put into Armageddon the Experiment when he created him, Only then did he get the hand of common sense slap him across the face.


It is unclear on when and where he was born. Some say that he is the brother of Radon the Redhead and Rosy the Rascal, while others claim he was born from Richard's wife prior to her and his deaths.

But in general, his origin is unknown. When he was 5, he was fascinated with the development and innovation of machines, sizes bug and small. He had dreamed of being a awesome engineer and innovator. He basically lived a normal life until he turned 9, when he crafted his first machine, The Matrix Nitrator. This was customized out of sodium nitrate power cells, electrolyte energy filters, iron compression platforms, and a coil of copper wire. This is what persuaded him to be the best creator possible, and it has stuck with him since. At age 15, he receives a message from Scourge the Hedgehog telling him to come down to the castle immediately and with no hesitation, he rushed off.

When he arrived at Scourge's throne, Scourge instructed him to build machines for his army in hoped of capturing all of Mobius. Anti-Raven accepts the command and works on the weapons and machinery, but they all end mysteriously backfiring midst the war, much to an outraged Scourge. In fact, this was his only chance and Scourge banished him from anti-Mobius for eternity. Outraged, he attempted to suffocate Scourge by jumping to his neck and locking his hands around it. He would have succeeded, if it weren't for the guards to throw him out. After the exile, he was bent on revenge.

Unemployed and looking for a job, he decided to ask the locals if he could be hired, and he runs into his counterpart, Raven, and asks him for a job. He is welcomingly accepted to the Powercore unit as ballistics expert. Thanks to this, he had access to the unit's most promising materials. seeing this opportunity, he uses the materials to create a project so menacing, so mind-crushingly powerful, that those with weak resistance factors, have the nerve to leave the lab. In fact, Anti-Raven was so focused on it, he was on it for 9 straight months, which he knew would cause the others to be suspicious. But since it was done, he knew he had to keep a secret until he returned to Moebius. However, anti-Raven turns it on when it slips out of his grip and falls face first into the floor, making the group members turn their heads. Anti-Raven tried to change the subject, but realized it was stupid now that the truth was out.

All of the members starting piling question after question after question on him on why he would have the nerve to create such a devious machine. Nobody paid attention to Armageddon until it flew off in search of the Powercore gems, forcing the unit to question him later and find the robot. As they try to find him, Raven asks him why he would create it. He then answers that by saying that he was exiled from Moebius for eternity and he wanted to pound Scourge into the dirt by creating the robot that he named, Armageddon. He apologizes, but nobody seems to forgive him.

After a while, it became clear that he has vanished out of sight, and doesn't appear again until he has absorbed all three of the gems. However, Anti-Raven shuts Armageddon down so the Powercore Unit can use the gems. The team succeeds and Armageddon is destroyed. as for Anti-Raven, Scourge reluctantly takes him back to Moebius and hasn't left since.


His main power is Electrokinesis


Master mechanic.

Can analyze things pretty accurately.

Expert on ballistics.

He has a high memory and IQ Score.


being distracted by someone that won't stop talking gets to him pretty easily

he hates being considered an impostor

He has hated Scourge ever since he was exiled from moebius


"First Raven demotes me to sub-ballistics expert for treason, and now you interrupt me. What the crap do you want?"

"Fine, fine. Be a nuisance to my work. I'll just report to Raven that won't be able to fill the quota and he's right behind me isn't he?"

"Now if I just conjoin the surplus synchronizer with eradicate diode wireframe it'll.... AW DANGIT! Ugh, I must've wrecked it for sure."

"Ohhhh, isn't that interesting. This species bears similarity to that species, considerably."

"This is a .50 caliber sub-energetic Matrix Rifle w/ variety zoom scope. (whistles)"


This is his new design.

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