Anthony the Robot Hedgehog

Anthony is a robot hedgehog from another dimension known as Morpolia, a futuristic city. He is the Sonic of Morpolia therefore the name "Sonic" is his nickname. He has quite an interesting history in his life as he actually has allies that he fights with kind of like how the real Sonic does. Anthony is kind of like Sonic more than Craig and Xazar, although they're some differences.

Anthony the Robot
Game appearances
The Blue Blur
Voice Actor
Ryan Drummond
Robot machinery
Sonic and co. R-9 the Robot, Prowl the Hedgehog, Basia the Echidna, SVS, Morpolia, world peace
Argo, Malusor, Algorgian, Savori, world domimation, seeing people die, his city being destroyed, death
Machine guns, lazers, turrets, energy blast, flight, shoot energy, shock etc.
Kind, cunning, encouraging, nice, companionship


The Blue Blur

Anthony appears in this game and has quite a pivotal role in the game's story. He traveled through his dimension to Sonic (the hedgehog's) to warn Sonic of Argo's coming knowing of the "legend" Sonic. Anthony does save Sonic from the Devastation (when he was captured) as he was captured by Argo. Well, it is unknown why Anthony was on the ship. But, Sonic and co do find him due to that event, he saved their life basically. His adventure with them started here, and Sonic and Tails mainly have grown more to liking him and the way he sees things. 

Background Info

Anthony was created by Dr Nevo at first, he was one of his best robots and was fitted with artificial intelligence. He was one of the smartest robots there was. At the start, Anthony fought for Nevo all his battles, all his dirty work etc. He was kind of like the Metal Sonic of Morpolia. However, considering Anthony was a bit too smart as Nevo uploaded every bit of the internet into him, all the research, everything, Anthony was beginning to realize that what he was doing wasn't the right thing. For as short period of time, Anthony stayed with Nevo anyways, that thought of it not being right still there. 

The point where Anthony knew that what Nevo was doing was wrong was when Nevo was on the Alphorphians,a species on Planet Cuchi. It is told that this planet is filled with ancient scriptures and facts as well as secrets of the whole galaxy and every person. Nevo nevertheless, wanted info on this creation he made called The Abominator, he needed these things called Rosvel, a very rare and powerful metal that that planet had only. Nevo's soldiers got everyone, burned their town, some people fought back while some got on their jets and flew off. There's a little battle that occurs and Anthony's brothers (the robots he talks too most) die. Anyway, Nevo got the figure he needed, Fastro, an old wolf in a black cloak. He knows almost everything about the rare metal, and is the keeper of it. When, Nevo demanded it from him, Fastro declined. Then, after Nevo had enough, Nevo (having a robotic hand that is covered half the time by the length of his lab coat sleeves). He places a hand on Fastro's head, presumably mind reading him, and eventually Fastro's head pops. This is when Anthony realized, he was working for the wrong people. Nevo also tells his soldiers to kill all the villagers. Anthony looks at this in shock, however he doesn't show it in his facial expression. One of Nevo's soldiers catch a hedgehog by the name of Prowl the Hedgehog. They take him in.

Nevo interrogates Prowl a little bit back at Morpolia in his fleet. Then, Anthony tells Prowl that they're gonna escape this place since Anthony has realized that its a terrible place to be in. Anthony has a plan. He holds Prowl like he's carrying him to Nevo, though he takes him to the E-878 (a jet). Anthony pilots it while Prowl uses the controls at the back to shoot at the incoming fleet. After a little battle, they eventually make it to Savec, the Mountains. The two are on the top and have quite an adventure coming back down as there are bears that try to eat Prowl, its really cold and Anthony is pretty useful for all the situations that did happen. They make it down though and make way to Morpolia. When they make it, people do try to kill him considering he was Nega's robot for a long time. Prowl suggests to Anthony to go to M.P.D so people can see Anthony as a machine that won't turn on mankind. There's a short bit of time, where Anthony isn't convinced that people would see him as a hero because of his past. 

Although, as time flies by, he starts to believe slowly, that he's destined for bigger things. He then gathers a plan, he pretends to try kill Prowl, people start to call the police and the M.P.D catch him and take him to their department. Here, they're about to kill him until Prowl says that Anthony actually is a good guy and helped him escape Nevo's ship. The M.P.D believe Anthony and they do have a hard time with him at first. Here, is where Anthony and Prowl make R-9 the Robot. A robotic dog that can grow machinery and weaponry.They make it to help the M.P.D but also prove a point that Anthony is there to help. Over time, the police believed in him more. Anthony had test flights, so he would practice how to fly around the city, he'd get lessons from Prowl about how to fight. The two became really close with R-9 over time as well. And they're kind of like family. They all did have great times. Then, the M.P.D Leader (which was a human or hedgehog, and also the only person that believed Anthony and potential) gave Anthony the opportunity to become a solider working for the Morpolia Police. Anthony does except the offer as well as Prowl and R-9. 

From here on, Anthony solved all kinds of cases for the M.P.D and they became more closer than they did last time with Anthony and his little team. They've been on quite a lot of adventures together, Prowl has explained why he was at Planet Cuchi to Anthony. During the time, Anthony was also beginning to be known as Sonic since he was so fast and got faster over time. He was upgraded during these adventure in programming and electronics. He met new people as well (as well as Basia the Echidna etc.) 

Then, leading to the events of the Blue Blur, Anthony went into this early prototype for a dimension travel machine. Since, he got a warning from Argo and his world. In his database, it does say that there's a real Sonic the Hedgehog who lives in a different dimension and that they might have to go to him. Anthony does so, and ends up on the Devastation to which he roams until he finds Sonic and co which is where he first meets Sonic the Hedgehog. 


Anthony is a robot, not like Gamma or Omega, he's a more sleek robot and looks like Sonic. The only differences are that his hair's a little different than Sonic and his belly doesn't have the revealing of his belly, its just all robotics on it, sleek looking and all. He does also have a load of weaponry on him that he can use at any point to. Such as, he can grow a little mini-gun right above his shoulder/s. he can use his eyes and laser beam his opponents, he can fly, use turbo boost to fly faster, he can shoot beams at people, as well as sometimes use magic. He can fire fireballs from his hands, run super fast and boost while at it, he can normally fight (so boxing etc.) etc. There are loads of things that he can do. 

He's not really in the ruthless zone (well at least not as much as he was with Nevo) but he is a person you wouldn't want to mess with, knowing who he is and his abilities. Its also what he's capable of. 

Skills and Abilities

Anthony has loads of skills and abilities. He is a very strong character and like said before, is capable of many things. He can grow a machine gun on his shoulder, can shoot a beam from a core on his chest, he can fight, he can literally become a walking arsenal (that is one of his abilities). He can fly, although this occurs because of thrusters. Though, he can fly with precision. He can do a Spin Dash, like Sonic but laser beam the place while spinning. 

He has the Charge Attack as a kind of Homing Attack, he does it like Sonic but the Charge Attack is kind of like when the player charges at the enemy multiple times (most the time its 3 times). He can also plough past enemies and can shoot energy blasts. 


When the player plays Anthony, Anthony is kind of like Metal Sonic as when Metal Sonic is running, he's not really running, He is levitating in the air, so with Anthony its kind of like that when a player plays him. Its only when the player stops then Anthony will stand. However, when Anthony is walking, he will walk on the ground.


Anthony is a kind cunning and very nice character. He's not too harsh on people and can talk people out of doing villainous things and often doesn't need to use violence. He's not a pacifist as he will fight when he needs too. However, it is quite weird that Anthony is very kind character and seems quite soft considering his dark past and was really ruthless at the start of everything. 

As an example for Anthony's kindness, in the Blue Blur when Sonic and Anthony were talking on Captain Whisker's Island. Anthony believes in Sonic and knows that he'll foil Argo's evil plans like he usually does. So, in a way, he's a unique robot. He barely references his dark past with Nevo as he is a robot that probably moved on from his past, as he doesn't like the old him. Nevertheless, he does have an interesting backstory and great friends to talk too. His adventures in his world are really epic etc. Though, Anthony has really changed from before.

Adventures in Morpolia

This is Anthony's game that will come out, in quite a long time (xD) as this will explain Anthony's origin as well as what happened after the events of the Blue Blur

Schedule: Untitled Game- February 2017

Voice Actors

Ryan Drummond (2015-present) - The Blue Blur- voice edited (a little) with computer


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