Anox is the sword Spike uses, it is 3 ft long 


The Beginning

Anox was a powerful Dragon warrior, at the beginning of Time, he defeated The Shadow Dragon the First time by using a move called Soul Sacrifice, the move, not only defeated The Shadow Dragon, but transfomed Anox into a red Jewel, and there he lay, for over three Billion Years, Dormant.

New Beginnings

Anox was then Founded by Spike when he attacked a Planet called Anoxia ( named after the Jewel it housed). Spike Created a Blade so Perfect, it could not be out done. Spike placed Anox in a small Slot in the Blade, awaking the Dragons Spirit, Now Anox is Merged with the Blade, becoming one. Anox is now Unmatched, Impossible to Destroy, and able to be controlled by those of Galactic Manipulation


Anox, Warrior of Darkness

Age: Ageless

Species: Unknown

Alias: God of the Ancient Dragons

IQ: Infinite

Element: Universal Darkness

Agility: Max

Speed: Max

Strength: Max

Defense: Max

Evasiveness: Max

Dexterity: Max

Intelligence: Max

Skill: Max


Before becoming a small red jewel, Anox appeared the same as Claw, however, he wasn't as strong in appearance, and he wore Tribal armor. it can also be said that another feature shown with Anox, was that he didn't speak, however he is known to speak as the Red Jewel.


It is shown that it is impossible to copy a Galactic Ability, as only those blessed by Anox can control such power. It is also shown that No one can lift Anox except for Akida. It is said that when all falls into darkness, the five of Galactic will rise.


  • Anox is actually a Katana  
  • Anox can be only used by Akida, will be trying to lift something that's impossible to lift
  • Anox is made out of a Special Metal Found only on Delphonus (Del-fon-us)


"Soul Sacrifice" by Santana
Santana - Soul Sacrifice - Live By Request

Santana - Soul Sacrifice - Live By Request



Anox's Current Look

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