Anonbots are robotic drones created by and under the command of The Trolls. The Anonbots are separated into five squadrons, each designed for a specific purpose in fighting.



The anonbots are separated into five squadrons, each specialized in a specific form of combat and made up of recolors of robot characters. Each squad also has a leader, which is an elite model much more powerful than the squad it leads.

Close-Combat Squadron

This squadron is made up of Neo Metal Sonic recolors. Their main body is a pale steely-green color, with green "shoes" and dark-green forearms, lower legs, and capes. They have dark-green markings, their hands are steel-grey, and they have yellow eyes. As the name states, this squadron specializes in close-range combat, specifically using high-speed power attacks such as Spindash and Axe Kick, and other techniques such as ExtremeSpeed and Mach Punch.

Specialized Branches

  • Desert Branch: Sand-colored with steel-grey "shoes", beige forearms, lower legs, and a sand-colored cape, with white markings, white hands, and yellow eyes. Designed for desert battle, this branch specializes in using earth attacks and fight best while under the cover of a Sandstorm. They are made from a sleek specialized metal that can withstand the most ferocious sandstorms and more powerful joint mechanisms that not only prevent damage and interference from sand, but also allow minimal resistance from the powerful wind currents.
  • Stealth Branch: Black with matching "shoes", forearms, and cape, with white markings and black hands, with red eyes. This branch specializes in stealth attacks like Shadow Punch and Faint Attack, as well as trapping moves such as Spikes. This branch is installed with motors and thrusters that make little to no noise for maximum stealth, and programmed with high-speed reflexes, allowing for swift, stealthy movements.
  • Spirit Branch: Dark purple with matching "shoes", with black forearms, forelegs, and cape. The markings on the limbs are dark purple, while the markings on the head and body are black, and has red eyes. This branch is focused on combating supernatural beings, with moves such as Shadow Claw, Foresight, and Shadow Force. This branch has a specialized motor fueled by supernatural energy, not only fueling their attacks but also giving a special resistance to the same attacks. It also allows this branch limited regeneration properties, and also allows for this model to "reanimate" itself, even after being defeated.
  • Storm Branch: Electric green with dark-green "shoes", steel-grey forearms/lower legs, electric blue capes, yellow markings, and green eyes. This branch is built to combat those who use electricity as their main method of fighting, being capable of absorbing large amounts of electricity and use it to power and strengthem themselves and their weaponry. They are also resistance to electromagnetic disturbances and magnetic forces. However, this branch as a major achilles heel; in order to sustain large amounts of large electricity, the main generator has to be built dependant on absorbing electricity from an outside source. As such, if they are not struck by electric attacks or otherwise absorb electricity, they will quickly shut down.
  • Pyro Branch: Fiery red with steel-grey forearms/lower legs, dark brown "shoes", black capes, scarlet markings, and blue eyes. This branch is built to be capable of withstanding temperatures found within an active volcano, and are fully capable of functioning even when submerged in lava. On the back of each forearm is a special canister, with four more stacked horeizontally on the back. These canisters are built with hammerspace technology, each holding enough water to fill a large pool. This water is used for water attacks such as Waterfall, and can surprisingly be used for ice attacks such as Ice Punch. This branch is also capable of using fire attacks such as Fire Punch and Flare Blitz.
  • Stone Branch: Brown with black forearms/lower legs, brown "shoes", white capes and markings, and green eyes. This branch is built for high-altitude low-temperature fighting in mountainous regions, using atyacks such as Rock Slide, Avalanche, as well as techniques such as Bounce and Stomp. This branch is built with additional generators and thrusters in the legs, spikes on the feet, and reinforced claws on the fingers, allowing for easy and quick traversing of uneven mountainous terrain.

Leader: Oblivion

Infantry Squadron

The infantry squadron is the all-round and most mass-produced squadron among the Anonbots. The Infantry Squadron is made up of EggRobo recolors, which typically have steel-green upper bodies with black markings, swamp green lower bodies, grey arms with black joints and matching black gloves, dark-green feet and white bands. Their rocket packs are grey with black markings, and they have red eyes. Being built as all-round models, the mainstream Infantry Squadron focuses on no real specialty, but typically fight in mid-to-long range combat using their laser guns. They also use techniques such as Mega Punch, Body Slam, and Headbutt.

Specialized Branches

  • Sky Branch: White upper bodies with sky-blue lower bodies and black markings, with white joints and black gloves/feet. This branch has dual rocket packs with sky-blue markings, and large white wings. This model is equipped with both anti-air missiles and air-to-ground missiles. This branch focuses on fighting from the air, and uses attacks like Fly, Wing Attack, Sky Attack, Aeroblast, Air Slash, and Aerial Ace.
  • Sea Branch: Deep blue upper bodies, black lower bodies, yellow markings, green eyes, and blue joints with blue gloves. Their feet are replaced with flippers, and their jetpacks with propeller engines. This branch is built to withstand intense pressure, and is thus very durable. Their engines are similar in design to Hydro the Sharkbot's, being specially designed to use water as a source of fuel, allowing this branch to run for a virtually infinite amount of time. This branch wields a variety of attacks, such as Whirlpool, Dive, Surf, and Aqua Jet.
  • Tremor Branch: Brown upper bodies, grey lower bodies, dark brown markings, red eyes, and brown joints, black feet, and black gloves. This branch is built for combat in rocky areas like canyons and caves. As such, this branch is fortified with thick metal to withstand heavy damage (such as being crushed by a cave-in) and special guns that launch seismic blasts and can act as jackhammers. This branch uses a variety of Earth moves such as Earthquake, Magnitude, Rock Blast, Rock Slide, Dig, and Rock Throw.
  • Spirit Branch: Purple upper bodies, black lower bodies, white markings, purple joints, white gloves, and purple feet. This branch is designed to take on supernatural beings. Their power generator runs off of a supernatural force, giving this branch resistance to attacks of the same sort, as well as regeneration and reanimation capabilities. This branch is also capable of using moves such as Shadow Ball.

Leader: TrollRobo

Heavy Artillery Squadron

Specialized Branches

Leader: Annihilator

Sniper Squadron

Specialized Branches

Leader: Stigma


  • Abyss was originally built to be a leader for the Anonbots as a whole, prior to the programming error that made him an Anti-Troll weapon.
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