Anastasia Hope Vixi, better known as Marsha Vixi, is a Sonic OC exclusive to the Marshalia13 universe. She is a mobian fox with black and light gray fur, a strange coloring for any Mobian fox. Marsha was bullied in her youth, but found friends with Julie, Bunnie, and the kids who later became the Freedom Fighters, which she joined. Trained by Geoffrey St. John, Marsha is very advanced in hand-to-hand combat and has a high intelligence in history so that she can give insight when needed.


Marsha is a mostly black Mobian fox with light gray fur on her muzzle, inside her ears, and on the tip of her tail (although it's suggested that there's also light gray fur on her stomach). She has dark brown eyes and appears to have "hair" with "bangs that split in the front to hide her eyelashes, which are much like Cream's eyelashes, and has a high ponytail held up by a pink bow and tufts of fur on each side of her head.

For attire, Marsha wears a pink hoodie with a white sleeveless t-shirt, a black belt with a yellow buckles and black holsters for her sword and dagger on each hip, a purple skirt with a white stripe, black leggings, pink sneakers with purple straps and white toes and cuffs, and white gloves.


Early Life

Marsha was born as Annushka Agafya Vixi to Alyosha Vixi and Evelyn Kittredge in a small village in Eurish, but was orphaned at an early age in Mobotropolis on Westside Island. Because she was so young and no one knew her age, she was called "Marsha" after a previous queen on the Acorn lineage.

Like the other children, she was forced to flee to Knothole during Dr. Eggman's takeover of Mobotropolis. While in Knothole, she was a constant target for bullying from the other kids. She would eventually make friends with Julie, Bunnie, and Dulcy (who were outcasts just like her) and the children that would become the Freedom Fighters.

Initially joining the Freedom Fighters to earn respect from her peers, Marsha would go to Geoffrey St. John who trained her in combat and espionage so that by her pre-teens, she would become a force to be reckoned with. By then, however, Marsha's reason had changed for joining the Freedom Fighters and became dedicated to the mission.


Marsha is said to be a "kind soul and a loyal Freedom Fighter". To strangers, Marsha appears to be reserved and shy with an air of seriousness about her. To her friends, she is kind and caring with a fun-loving nature, Like the rest of the Freedom Fighters, Marsha is dedicated to her fight against to Dr. Eggman and has a strong sense of justice.

Early on in life, Marsha had low self-esteem and thought poorly of herself, but her friends helped her grow the self-esteem that she had lacked. Marsha often times falls victim to stress and the pressure of doing what's right and while Marsha is extremely paitent and isn't quick to anger, she seems to snap faster during periods of stress or if her friends or loved ones are in danger or insulted. Despite her bullying past, Marsha tries to be kind with everyone and prefers to talk things out before resorting to violence.

Marsha is intelligent, selfless, and a good fighter, but Marsha is very humble about her skills.

Marsha has a love for reading, escpecially about Mobian history. She is also known to have a fondness for terrible puns. Marsha has been known to enjoy baking and has even mentioned of opening her own bakery one day. Marsha has also known to love butterflies, animals and scenery.

Marsha particularly like pop music and is an obvious fan for Mina Mongoose and her music. Marsha enjoys singing. Marsha has an air of gracefulness about her as evident by her agility.

Power and Abilities

Initially, Marsha was trained in hand-to-hand combat by Geoffrey St. John but her abilities has significantly grown since her training with him. Her combat ability seems to be able to keep up with Shadow's combat skills, if not greater.

While not as fast as Sonic, Marsha inherited general enhancement from the Mobian Genetics Projects from the Great War from her paternal grandfather. This makes her faster, stronger, and more durable than average.

By rapidly spinning her tail, Marsha is able to hover briefly in midair and go over large gaps that a normal jump could handle. Marsha's tails seems to be a strong limb on it's own as demonstrated as she can balance her self with her tail holding up and when she can pull levers down using her tail.

Marsha has also demonstrated her ability to use Chaos energy by using the Super form multiple times.

Much like other characters, Marsha can curl into a ball to use a spin dash or a homing attack if in midair. She also has the skill to balance herself while grinding on rails.

Aside from combat, Marsha is a proficient sword user, as evident with her use of the Sword of Light and her dagger later on.

Marsha appears to also a skilled Extreme Gear rider, often using her Extreme Gear to keep up with Sonic.

Marsha is also known to be very intelligent and is an expert on Mobian history.


Super Marsha

By using all 7 Chaos Emeralds or something of equivalent power, Marsha becomes Super Marsha, a white-colored version of herself with her innate abilities increased with the addition of flight and near invulnerability. However, much like over Super transformations, Marsha's super form requires energy and can't be maintained for long.

Void Marsha

After Dr. Eggman fused a nega wisp with Marsha's soul, Marsha becomes Void Marsha, a corrupted and more violent version of Marsha with the ability the suck objects into her body. She is fought as the boss for Aquarium Park during Tails' story before being freed from the nega wisp's control.


Marsha is deadly afraid of spiders. Marsha oftentimes still suffers from low self-esteem and can suffer from periods of stress that leads her to be unable to think straight.



  • Freedom Fighters
    • Freedom Fighters
      • Sonic the Hedgehog
      • Miles "Tails" Prower (close friends and love interest)
      • Amy Rose
      • Cream the Rabbit
      • Cheese
      • Sally Acorn
      • Antoine D'Coolette
      • Bunnie Rabbot (close friend)
      • Rotor the Walrus
      • NICOLE the Holo-Lynx
      • Elias Acorn
      • Dulcy the Dragon (close friend)
      • Charles the Hedgehog (father-figure)
      • Julie-Su the Echidna (best friend)
      • Gold the Tenrec
      • Cosmo the Seedrian
      • Saffron the Bee
      • Angel
      • Courtney Kittredge (cousin)
      • Bridgette Pup
    • Wolf Pack
      • Lupe the Wolf
      • Gaviirl Vixi (brother)
    • Shijin Warriors
      • Li Moon
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Big the Cat
  • Team Chaotix
    • Vector the Crocodile
    • Espio the Chameleon
    • Charmy Bee
  • Aurora
  • United Federation
    • The President
    • G.U.N.
      • Commander Tower
      • Samantha Vixi (sister)
      • Hope Hopkins
      • Team Dark
        • Shadow the Hedgehog (ally and friendly rival)
        • Rouge the Bat
        • E-123 Omega
  • Kingdom of Acorn
    • King Acorn
    • Amadeus Prower
    • Geoffrey St. John
    • Merlin Prower
    • Fiona Reynard (half-sister)
    • Sonia the Hedgehog
  • Wisps


  • Shadow the Hedgehog (in combat)
  • Nicolette the Weasel (arch-rival)
  • Kimberly Koko (also enemy)


  • Kimberly Koko (arch-nemesis)
  • Eggman Empire
    • Dr. Eggman
    • Orbot
    • Cubot
    • Badnik Horde
  • Dr. Finitivus
    • Mecha Marsha
  • Team Hooligan
    • Fang the Sniper
    • Bean the Dynamite
    • Bark the Polar Bear
  • Walter Naugus
  • Black Arms
    • Eclipse the Darkling
    • Dark Arms
  • Breezie the Hedgehog
    • Team Destructix
      • Sgt. Simian
      • Predator Hawk
      • Flying Frog
      • Lightening Lynx
      • Sleuth Dawg
      • Drago the Wolf


"Anastasia Vixi, but people just call me "Marsha"."
—Marsha when introducing herself
"I'm sorry, but I can't help you."
—Marsha to Shadow about her breaking into G.U.N. in Sonic Adventure 3
"I remember the first Black Arms attack. We almost died. But...I thought the Black Comet only passed by Mobius every 50 years...? It's kinda early."
—Marsha about the Black Arms when talked to in Mobotropolis in Shadow the Hedgehog 2.
"Tails? What's going on? Where am I? And why does my body ache?"
—Marsha after being freed from the nega wisp's influence in Sonic Colors 2.
"So...I've decided to stay behind. I'm glad I did. This underwater scenery is beautiful and peaceful."
—Marsha talking about the scenery in Aquarium Park in Sonic Colors 2.
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