Anne the Power Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Romantic InterestsMatthew the Power Hedgehog/Reaper
Physical Description
SpeciesMobian/Power Hedgehog
  • Fur: Black, w/ tan skin & white streaks
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Pale green singlet
  • Pale blue bikini bottoms
  • Baby yellow bandanna tied around her neck
  • Aqua flip-flops/thongs
Political Alignment and Abilities
WeaponsBlades hidden within gloves
  • Capable of superspeed in short bursts
  • Basic Combat - Hand to Hand
  • Telepathy
  • Hypnosis
  • Massive amounts of Chaos Energy
  • Moderate Omnikinesis
  • Moderate Stealth skills
  • Levitation
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)

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Original CreatorFlashfire212

Anne the Power Hedgehog is a Troll and a Power Hedgehog, one of the original members of Reaper's Legion.


Early Years in Sky City

Anne was born in Sky City, a floating city over the oceans, and the last known refuge of the Power Hedgehogs. The third child of Scott the Power Hedgehog and Gloria the Power Hedgehog, she was a bubbly and bright child who was often more awake at night than during the day. This wasn't really viewed as an issue to her parents, considering her father was the same, and so the two grew close. Even after the birth of Anne's younger sister Victoria couldn't be a dampener on the youngster. Her closest friends were her older cousin, Matthew, and her older sister, Florence. Then, soon after her eleventh birthday, she was struck down with Glandular Fever. Her parents found one of the most talented doctors around, who simply set Anne on a course of antibiotics which cleared up the infection, but even that didn't give her back her energy. Her father stopped paying as much attention to her. Her sister found new people to hang out with. Anne just gave up getting out of bed most days, instead staying there, wearing her pajamas, just doing nothing. Her mother would always bring her food, and watch her eat, but other than that, most people stayed away. That is, almost everyone except Matthew. Nothing her parents could do could keep him away. He would just go up to her bedroom and talk to her, and the funny thing was, Anne would always wait, and sounded happy and eager to just hang out with the only person who went out of his way to make her feel alive. As time passed, soon after her twelfth birthday, Anne realized that she was falling in love with her cousin. To her, he was what all guys should be like. Finally, one night, when her father came up to talk to her about something, she told him. He was astonished, and stared at her, before using the powerful hypnosis abilities that ran through his veins, attacked her. Even though she had been mostly bedridden for the past two years, Anne defended herself fearsomely, both within and outside her mind, using the hypnosis he had passed down to her against him, as well as a variety of uncontrolled blasts of different elemental energies. Suddenly, her father was thrown from where he stood across the room by what felt like a localized earthquake. Both turned to see Matthew, wearing a black hooded jacket with the hood pulled up over his head and blue jeans standing in the window, one hand wrapped around a scythe, the other pointing at her father. When her father stood and turned to bring Matthew under the onslaught of his hypnosis, the young hedgehog simply blasted the elder to the wall and pinned him there with a stunning Aeroblast. He then walked over to his uncle, Anne's father, and inhaled a strange, opaque gas from his face, resulting in him slumping down to the floor, dead. Anne was shocked and confronted Reaper about it, but he said little about that mysterious power, instead confessing his love to her, and that they had to flee now he had saved her from her father. Happily accepting, Anne grabbed hold of her cousin and held on tight as he flew them down out of her window to the ground beneath, where he shifted her to his back. He carried her like this until they reached the small Airport on the outskirts of the city, where he stole a large but unarmed skycar and flew off with his cousin on board.

Finding a Home

Even though they escaped, the troubles weren't over yet. Their escape was a major event, and the government in control of Sky City didn't want them getting too far without issue, because their family wanted to see Matthew brought to justice, and Anne returned to the way she was. To do this, a single military Sky-marine, a specially designed plane capable of landing at sea and becoming a submarine, was deployed. As soon as they saw the slow-moving skycar, the military crew fired a series of rockets, a number of which struck the skycar. Matthew struggled with the controls for a while, before grabbing Anne and leaping out of the sun-roof and dropping in a slightly-controlled fall, which resulted in them landing in the ocean. The sky-marine used this as their chance to capture the two, but didn't realize the sheer strength of Matthew's powers. Anne had been knocked out on impact, but Matthew, still holding her, managed to unleash both a massive Aeroblast to force the sub down further, and then a Chaos Control which carried the two all the way to Green Hill Zone. The effort of doing such a massive jump, which also carried a large amount of water, meant that on arrival, Matthew was drained of all his Chaos Energy reserves and had released Anne within the jump, leaving her unconscious a few hundred meters away. Matthew ran over to her, picked her up, and simply started to walk with her on his back, his scythe having to be moved around a fair bit to give her a more comfortable ride. Slowly, he found his way to a small town, where he was noticed by Frost the Hedgehog as being potential targets. His brother Toxic, however, felt differently, instantly being smitten by Anne's skimpy singlet and bikini bottoms, and tried to pick her up, to the annoyance of Matthew, who challenged the Troll to a duel. Anne woke in a stadium chair, wrapped in a blanket and being handed a mug of warm soup by Poison the Hedgehog, Toxic's responsible twin, as Matthew faced off against Toxic for Anne's honor. Further up the stands, Anne looked over her shoulder to see a white Shadow recolor with orange streaks and well-cared for clothes watching the duel intently. Anne watched the early part of the fight quickly swing to Toxic's favor, with Matthew still tired after his massive Chaos Control. She tried to sit up, but was pressed back down by Poison. Instead, she opened her mind and focused on Matthew's, tapping into it with ease and communicating with him. Instantly, Matthew used the telepathic connection to tap into Anne's untouched power, with a sensation Anne classed as a "mental kiss", before entering the offensive, using his scythe in wide, sweeping strikes, before unconsciously unleashing a powerful Blizzard, encasing Toxic within Ice. Anne was relieved, and the Shadow recolor was impressed. He told them that he was the leader of an organization of beings called Trolls, and that Matthew's power was worth offering membership. Rageik also expressed the idea that Matthew's power wasn't exactly Mobian in origin, and theorized that he was descended from Demons, Rageik's race. Both Matthew and Anne just shrugged and admitted that their species, the Power Hedgehogs, could quite possibly be descended from either of the two ancient races, but they were more concerned with finding a home that would accept them for being in love. When Rageik asked why that was such an issue, Matthew admitted they were cousins, and Anne nodded agreement. Smiling, and telling them the Trolls wouldn't discriminate against them for that, he offered them entry. Reaper asked Anne of her opinion, and she agreed to take the offer. Rageik simply spread his hands, and then invoked a Chaos Control, warping all of the Trolls from that area, and taking Matthew and Anne with them.

Formation of a Team, and collapse of a Legend

Upon being taken to the Troll Moonbase, Anne was offered different clothes to the pajamas she wore, but she declined, saying that these were "special". At that, she was taken under the wing of Mariah the Bat, who showed her around and took her to the female dorm rooms, where she was to stay. On exiting the dorm rooms, she almost walked straight into Mac the Hedgehog, one of the generals, who said he wanted to see her in his "office". Upon arriving in Mac's "office", which was more like a throne room in itself, she found Matthew and an orange and blue Shadow recolor in there. Mac introduced the cousins to Burn the Pyrohog, and told them of his idea to form a team - Team Reaper. Matthew would be raised to the rank of General, while Anne and Burn would become his lieutenants. This would clear them to work outside the main Troll operations lead by Toxic, Adolph, Rageik or Mac himself. Matthew asked Anne telepathically, and agreed upon her reply. Burn was quiet, but nodded. This was the formation of the Trolls newest team, which Mac called Team Reaper for the scythe Matthew carried. They completed many missions, and were soon bolstered by the arrival of three more Pyrohogs, so they became known as Reaper's Legion. Over time, more people joined, and Reaper's Legion started to thrive. Then, the unthinkable started to happen - Matthew's body started to fail him, and even Bubonic, the Head Scientist, couldn't diagnose him, saying his body was perfectly healthy, but was slowly deteriorating anyway. Anne realized that somehow, in the seconds before he died, her father had done something to him, a hypnotic weapon that was killing him cell by cell. While she couldn't undo it, she told Bubonic all she knew, and he immediately came to the conclusion that the attack had altered his DNA, and was destroying it. Bubonic's solution was simple - find a Mimic, a rare Mobian who copied the abilities of whoever they touched.

Hunt for the Mimic and the Creation of Reaper

Anne took it upon herself to find the last known co-ordinates of a Mimic, and found them - a Mimic named Danny had emerged from a portal in the middle of Mobius. Taking it to Penny the Pyrohog, the rest of Reaper's Legion left to combat the Mimic, and managed to bring him down and got a sample of his DNA, which was brought back to Bubonic, who had worked on the deteriorated parts of Reaper's body, replacing the parts most affected with cybernetic replacements. He then injected the DNA into Matthew, who almost instantly started to wake and gain in strength, actually leaping out of bed with all his medical attachments still there to attack Danny, who had snuck inside the Troll hospital. Once Danny had been taken prisoner, Matthew was unplugged from all the machines, but he asked to be called Reaper. Accepting that, Anne accepted that he go into battle, and watched proudly as he and the Ultimate Guardian duked it out in an epic battle. Unfortunately, the battle was suddenly interfered with by the Newest Ultimate and Danny himself, who managed to beat Reaper, and then cause Danny's DNA to fragment, stopping it from repairing all the damaged left to Reaper's body. Anne graciously donated some of her own DNA alongside Rageik, and astonishingly, the combination succeeded in repairing the damage. From that night, Anne and Reaper, both still young, decided that they belonged together, and that nothing was going to change that.

Roleplay Details

Could others detail all of the RPs that Anne's appeared in? I don't know them all.

Physical Description

Anne has a very lithe and minimalist physique, with very little in the way of breast size or muscles. That said, she isn't masculine in appearance, with Amy-styled quills, and a more Amy-like physical shape. She has black fur, marked with white streaks on her head and down her spines. She has vibrant purple eyes, which often have a dull glitter to them.


Attire-wise, Anne wears a baggy, pale green singlet and pale blue bikini bottoms. The reason for this is, for the most part, the effort of getting changed is too tiring for her to do unassisted. She also wears white gloves, and has a pale yellow bandanna tied around her neck. To finish it off, she wears a pair of aqua flip-flops, otherwise called thongs, so she doesn't burn her feet on hot surfaces.


Anne's fighting abilities are rather unusual, due to the remnants of the glandular fever. She is highly skilled with physical combat, and possesses a trio of blades hidden within her gloves to augment that. However, while she is skilled in close combat, a fight of more than five minutes leaves her immobile and exhausted, and often collapses as soon as someone touches her. In comparison, her ranged combat, especially over a long range, means she is regarded as one of the most highly skilled in the way of Trolls. She is an omnikinetic, as are all Power Hedgehogs, with a primary affinity for Darkness-based attacks and Psychic abilities, due to her hypnotic skills. However, her most powerful skill by far is her battle co-ordination, and as an extension of that, her battle meditation. By entering a trance-like state, Anne can open a telepathic line to as many people as she desires, and allows them to share sight and ideas instantaneously. Amazingly, she can co-ordinate like this without the trance and continue to fight herself when working with less than fifteen people. This ability means she is often left a guard to stop enemies from catching her and destroying her focus. The other side to the ability, called Battle Meditation, simply bolsters each of her allies courage and diminishes that of her enemies, granting them the advantage. Those skilled with Psychic abilities (Telekinesis and Telepathy), as well as those trained to guard their mind, often prove to be immune to those techniques.

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Anne's personality is obsessive around one thing and one thing alone - Reaper, better known as Matthew, her cousin/boyfriend. Within her mind, he has been blown up to being almost god-like, her focus in life. She attends to him hand and foot, and even though he would never harm her, never even considers disobeying him. She also appears to be extremely lazy, but that is because even the slightest physical movement can tire her out. A fight lasting more than five minutes can leave her immobile, so she has learned, what she calls, "the art of not-moving". She is extremely intelligent, and it is that intelligence that allows here to use her Battle Meditation and Battle Coordination abilities.

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