Anne Taeking
Anne elaen
Golden fur, curly reddish-brown hair, sapphire eyes, ornate Tudor style gowns.
Elaboate jewelery, dresses, and hats in the Tudor fashion
3 ft. 5 in.
Court life, courtesty, acting, poition mixing, cooking
Voice Actor

Cquote1 "Who are you?"

"Anne Oariel Taeking."

"*scoffs* Taking what?"

"...The world." Cquote2

-Anne speaking to an unknown person

Anne Taeking is an exiled lady of the Taeking house in Soleanna. After her family fled from Soleanna, her dream became to be queen of the entire world. She's manipulative, proper, and witty. Whether she becomes an ally or enemy depends on whether she sees any gain from knowing you.


Anne is a sort of a mix of Anne Boleyne, Margaery Tyrell, and Cersei Lannister. As a child she grew up in her family's mannor, learning the ways of the Soleana court. However unknown to Anne, her family was at the head of Project Solaris. After the project failed, her family lost favor and went bankrupt. Fearful the Duke would imprison them for treason, House Taeking fled across the sea. Anne was against the Solaris Project from the beginning, and upon realising their involvement with it abandoned them. Ever since, Anne has been working to regain her titles and more by becoming queen of the entire world.


Anne is a Mobian lioness. She has long, brownish-red hair and golden fur. Her eyes are a sapphire blue, though the lashes are extremely short. Anne also speaks with a British accent, like the English Royal Family. Most of the time Anne wears elaborate, Tudor style gowns with delicate embroidery and encrusted gems. Underneath these, however, she hides several vials of poison and knives in case of an emergency.

Her personality, and in fact her whole character, is summed up in the quote "No, I don't want to be a queen. I want to be the queen". Anne is neither good nor evil. Her goal is to become queen of the entire world, and she'll do anything to make it happen. Sometimes she sides with the heroes if a villain's goal of world domination clashes with her own dream, and other times she'll side with a villain only to stab them in the back and take the influence they posess. At times she's kind, flirtatious, and even seductive in order to play those around her.

The thing Anne hates most is oweing people. If someone saves her or does her a favor, she does everything she can to get even. This is due to her fear of anyone having a hold over her, and compares it to "a soldier fighting on even ground".


Anne has no Chaos related powers, however she was born a brilliant actress. She's skilled at changing her personality to appeal to anyone around her, and can cover up her body language to show no hint of nervousness or fear. Though, she mostly relies on the skills she learned from her mother: Tears, courtesy, and sensuality (the last she learned in her teenage years), a "proper lady's best weapons".

Still, Anne can create masterful potions, mostly poison, to help in case of emergency. She also has some knowledge of knife wielding, archery, and fencing.


  • "Owe nothing"
  • "Taking the World" ~Family words
  • "My name is Anne Oariel Taeking"
  • "G.U.N. sees you and they see a knife they can exploit in case of emergency. I see you....and I see a friend."
  • "Friends are a most precious resource."
  • "The die has been cast."
  • "You and I aren't so different."
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