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Annabelle is an average looking Opossum that looks like the average Opossum. Schler face looks like a normal Opossum's face except it doesn't. It is also green. Also purple and a bit blue. This is because it does not look like a normal Opossum's face.

Annabelle usually has a scowl on schler face because people are rude to schler people. And schler sexuality and schler gender.



Annabelle is a strong Social Justice Warrior and fights using schler customized keyboard. Schler main battlegrounds are online forums. Schlee stands up for the oppressed and underprivellaged and empowers the weak.


Annabelle was born a female, but soon after schler birth schlee reliased that schlee wasn't a female. Schlee went to schler local primary school and found that schlee excelled at learning and was very smart. Schler parents were proud but didn't fully understand schler gender and sexuality, so schlee had to move out.


Annabelle has the power of mind control. Schlee uses it to convince people to schler cause and makes people believe schler ideas. No-one knows if schlee is actually correct in schler ideals, as it is impossible to argue against schler due to schler power.

Schler power grows weaker, but is not completely diminished, in the presence of men.


Annabelle has the ability to turn off schler ears. Usually if schlee thinks an argument is going badly, schlee'll do this to avoid being oprressed as this is bad for schler health.


Annabelle is great at cooking and debating. Schlee was the best member of schler school's debating team.


The male gender is a big weakness for Annabelle. Schlee find their presence repulsive for reasons unknown.