Anime Downtown is a section of Toon City. It is home to many anime characters, including some of Erica's favorites. It's located close to Game World, and is also the area closest to Japan.


Most plants in Anime Downtown are either native to Japan or fictional. There is a fair balance of natural environments and urban areas.


The climate works much like Japan. It's usually warm, but areas farther north tend to be cold and snowy.


Anime Downtown is the second oldest section of Toon City. It was first founded when some of the earilest anime series were created, such as Astro Boy (among others).

Significant Populations

Like other areas of Toon City, anything that can talk or act similarly to a human counts as part of the population. No exceptions.

Notable Areas


The seaside acts as a link between aquatic-themed anime series (like One Piece), as well as the true nation of Japan, where many shows take place.

Natural Environments

Characters and locations from series that take place in natural environments (such as Naruto, which takes place in the forst-based village of Konoha) can be found here.


Urban areas patterned after Tokyo, the capital of Japan. This tends to be the residence of characters from shows that take place in fictional, modern Japan-based cities, and this area has various districts of it's own and portals to real Japanese locations.


  • Anime Downtown's location near Game World is a reference to the fact that many games have an anime-influenced style, as well as the fact that some video games tend to spawn anime and manga adaptations (a prominent example being Pokemon).
  • Anime Downtown is the second oldest section of Toon City, the true oldest being Cartoon Central and the youngest being Game World.
    • It is also the second most visited by Erica and company, as Cartoon Central has a wider variety of shows that Erica and her friends like and Game World is where they already live.
  • There are seven background characters that were originally supposed to star in a work by YoungOtakuNerd called Legion of Otaku, about a high school anime club (the school being located near a city of anime characters). These characters are a blue-haired girl named Dani Tetsuwan (the "leader"), a shy redhead named Megumi Hino (the "quiet one"), a dark-skinned blonde named Mina Kiba (the "tough girl"), a green-haired girl named Satomi Inoue (the "Cloudcuckoolander"), a Dragon Ball-style girl with pink hair named Beri Daisuke (the "team genius"), and a pair of purple-haired twins named Mason and Missy Matsumoto (two siblings who, while similar in appearance, had different personalities; Missy was strange and intimidating, and Mason was calm and optimistic).
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