This is an article about Angus Condor, a character created by Clairebear165 on 06/27/2017.


Angus is a bulky grey-feathered condor with creamy orange eyes, his beak, and the bottom half of his legs are ivory silver. A large crack stretched across his beak as a scar. His attire consisted of a brown cowboy's outfit. A brown leather jacket protected his partially silver chest, the same going with his ankle-length pants and boots.


Angus is rather grumpy, not a very optimistic person in the least. He isn't much of a fan of jokes, having either twisted or no sense of humor. Otherwise, he is a nice guy, as long as you don't get on his nerves.


Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave

Angus appears as a minor character in SUFS1:DFPGW when confronted about the location of a Fusion Shard and later to rescue the main characters from a pack of Shadow Wolves.


Angus has no powers.



It is possible that Angus might have the ability to fly. Though, due to never have seen him showing this feat, it is unknown.



Angus is incredibly strong for his age, being able to hold up a 300 pound boulder with mild difficulty.



Due to being over 40 years-old, there are many things Angus is unable to do. He cannot run very fast and has heart and lung problems. It is unlikely he will live past 50.

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