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A desolate place home to Zonbi the Necro King. This place is a cold and dreary place full of the undead who follow the command of Zonbi. The isolated island is somewhat large, and all types of monsters wait for a new victim. One famous explorer survived the horrors of the island, but when his boat returned to his home land his body was found decomposed. For anyone who travels to anguish island shall have but five days to prove themselves to the mighty Necro King, else their body will decompose from a curse that Zonbi casts known as "Doom".


Zombie Hoards

Typical undead at the command of Zonbi. They are fearsome creatures, who while alone aren't much of a threat, do great deals of damage in hoards. They run at speeds slightly faster than a human, but posses normal strength.

Vampire Zombies

These large enemies are capable of levitation and flight (though they stay close to the ground) They are souls who are stuck between the real world and the underworld. They will suffer for eternity. You can hear the hollowed cries and screams in the night. It makes for a truly gruesome seen.


The monstrous birds fly through the skies, and will swoop down.Vulture like, the creatures stalk their prey. They are incredibly fast in the air. They swoop through the air and small small but multiple hits on unsuspecting victims. Their bodies seem to be made of flesh.

Slug Horrors

These creatures have a melted humanoid figure, and drag their body around. As one could imagine they are very slow, but they deal great damage. Blood can be seen when they drag their flesh across the ground.


These deranged monsters are to be avoided at all costs. They enjoy being left alone, but once disturbed will go into a rage. They normally kill or fatally injure their victim. They are extremely fast and extremely powerful. One should take caution.


They are small hearts that drag themselves across the ground. They attack from the ground and do minimal damage. However, they will try to crawl into a person's chest and take over their heart. If this happens the person will become corrupted, and their former heart will become a Heartbeat. After Heartbeats spend along time without a home they become evil and corrupted. They are bitter and filled with hate.


They are small creatures who will crawl onto a victim and suck their life-force from them. They are very easy to terminate.

Dead Ends

These creatures are found in small and narrow passages. They serve no purpose, besides blocking the way of any people looking or walking for/through a route. They will often stretch out their bodies and trap the victim for a horde to attack them.


These monsters are extremely fast, and have long claws that they enjoys sinking into their victims. They claw extremely fast, however they are rather loud, and can be detected.


These creatures are faster and stronger variants of zombies. They are always found feasting on the remains of a recent victim. They carry supplies on them, and if killed will leave them behind for the party to use.


A very large beast that posses super strength. It is very large standing at about 20 feet. It has no other physical characteristics besides it strength. However, when set on fire they become extremely faster.


Zombies that breathe poison fumes. When killed they leave behind a puddle of acidic residue capable of burning anyone unfortunate enough to step in it.


These poor souls are creatures who wonder aimlessly around the island searching for ways to die. If a survivor comes by, they will not attack them, but come towards them in a plead to end it's life. It's mouth appears to be burnt off, and it's body made of rock and flesh.

Sorcerer Zombies

Zombies capable of healing their allies, and casting magic spells.

Riptide Reapers

Shark like zombies, they surround the waters of the island. They can also be found in the lakes of the island along with other creatures.

Dragoon Reapers

Dragon like creatures that live in the waters of the island. They are fire aligned, and are made of burnt flesh and darkness.

Sniper Zombies

Zombies that shoot acidic material from long-distances at victims.

Anguish Zombies

The strongest of their Zombie Hoard counterparts. They are encountered in the Dungeon, Swamp, Castle Hall, and the Throne Room. They let out horrible screams capable of deafening victims.


These strange creatures soar through the air, and are capable of shooting poison needles at victims. They are made of flesh, and resemble a flying squirrel mid-flight.


There are bosses for each area, that the party will have to face. Each gets stronger through the progression of the areas.


Parish Docks

The first area you enter when coming off of the boats. It's somewhat of a beginners level, but it is still full of life-threatening challenge. It serves as a warning to ward off any foolish adventurers. The final boss is a Toppler.

Hollow Forest

An eerie forest, with loads of zombies. Many new creatures lurk in the darkness. This area requires intense reflexes and great strategy. Light would help as well. The final bosses for this area are 3 topplers.

Sorrow Lagoon

A hazy swamp area full of murky water, mud, ruins, and the undead. Battle your way through the swamp as you are attacked by monstrous undead sea dragons and sharks. The swamp will slow down all characters who walk through it, and seeing as it is the only way through, be prepared for a long fight. The final boss for this area is a monstrous undead dragon, so large that it would make a toppler cower.

Pumpkin Patch

This garden of lost souls and dead plants is full of mystery and monsters. Battle through the large fields to make it out alive. Be aware it is said that the plant life also serve their king. The final boss of this area is an undead King Boom Boo.


A truly villainous place, this large graveyard is home to many zombies. Beware of the creatures lurking in the shadows. The final boss for this area is a Pyrokinetic Skeleton Warrior.


The only place "safe" for the party. A small home is provided inside. There is supplies provided inside to board up the house, proof that to Zonbi this is all just a game. Sleep'll need it.


Characters will make their way into the dungeon. It is an endless maze of cells and horrors. It is very dark within. There are also strange portals that can deal massive damage. Make sure to watch for hazardous areas of the run down dungeon. The final boss for this area is an undead Dark Guardian (From Sonic Unleashed)

Eternal Stairwell

A winding stairwell. You'll find that it actually moves, and seems to never end. You'll find yourself in all sorts of strange positions on the stares. Not to mention the undead trying to eat you. The final boss of this area is and undead Mephiles.

Castle Hall

The room leading to the throne room, this ominous place is one large optical illusion. Everything is not what it seems, as you'll find pictures and statues come to life. As the feeling that some-one is watching you looms over, your being attacked by more zombies. The final boss for this area is an undead Black Knight.

Throne Room

The final room until encountering the Necro King himself. You just battle seemingly endless waves of all of the zombies you've encountered. The final boss involves the room morphing each character to separate ominous battle grounds, where they will fight their dark entity for the amusement of Zonbi.

Death's Balcony

If you make it to the balcony you will face one more boss. It is strangely an undead helicopter with large flesh-like tentacles. It is capable of shooting heat seeking rockets, and has abilities of the other zombies. After that battle is over, you must prove yourself to the mighty Zonbi in order for him to release the curse from you and send you on your way.