Angelica is the baby sister of Max and Carmen. She was spoiled rotten when he parents were still alive and they left all of their fortune to her. She was forced to give it to her uncle Jorge, however she is still spoiled by her actual aunt Angela. Angelica is very bratty and spends most of her time hanging out with the toddlers(mainly her cousins Adalina and Alberto). Angelica is obviously based on the Rugrats character with the same name.


Angelica doesn't have much history accept for the fact that she is spoiled to death by her father. She always tells her uncle that she hates him because he doesn't spoil her like her daddy did.


Angelica is as bratty as they come. She was and is spoiled rottenly. She likes to trick the toddlers as well often pitting them against each other. However she also acts this way to her cousins and her uncle Jorge. She can even pit them against each other at times. Bring her around other adults including her uncle Ricky Bandicoot and her aunt Angela, and she act like a perfect little angel(which they buy into and spoil her.) Angelica is also very bossy and can tend to throw temper tantrums when she doesn't get her way. It doesn't help that she is an inexperienced Sonokinetic either. Angelica has a doll that her parents gave to her before passing away. She protects it at all costs. It's name is Cynthia. She at times acts like she cares more about Cynthia than her own family. However Angelica at times has showedd moments of caring. She doesn't want anything bad to happen to her family unless she is the one causing it!


Angelica has the ability to lead some people to do what she wants. She is a good liar, deceiver, and a good actor. Angelica is an inexperienced Sonokinetic. Angelica can even charge items with her scraming. With that being said she also can put out a whole city is she throws a temper tantrum.


"It wasn't me aunt Angela"

"Listen up babies!"

"Drooly diaper bags!"

"Your gonna take that?!"



"I hate babies"

"Please? I really really really need the Cynthia Deluxe Playhouse!"

"Can I get that?!"

"It would make me feel better if I went shopping"



"Keep your drooly hands off of Cynthia!"

"No one messes with my family 'cept me!"

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