Angela the Eevee is a G.U.N.-aligned young woman, who serves as a bodyguard to Grand Admiral Specter Hydren of the G.U.N. Third Interstellar Fleet.

Angela the Eevee

Biographical Information
Age 29
Level 43
Romantic Interests pending
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Eevee (Mobianised)
Gender Female
  • Fur: Gray, with a silver mane & tail tip
  • Hair: Silver
  • Eyes: Dark brown
Casual Attire
  • Bronze t-shirt
  • White jeans
  • White trainers
  • Silver & gold bracelets
  • Gold stud earrings
On-Duty Attire
  • Copper-toned bodysuit, padded in appropriate places
  • Black boots
  • Dark brown gloves
  • Red-brown sunglasses
Political Alignment and Abilities
Weaponry Guardsman's Axe
  • Possesses the genetic ability Adaptability
  • Pokémon-type Omnikinesis
  • Advanced combat w/ axe, hand-to-hand
  • Trained bodyguard
  • Trained & experienced aide
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Flashfire212


Standing at average height for a Mobian, Angela is an unusual color for an Eevee, thanks to her one in a million genetics - unlike most Mobian/Pokémon hybrids, or Pokémon/Pokémon for that matter, Angela is shiny through natural means - she was born that way. Unlike most Eevee, however, she has a full head of silver hair, as well as her gray fur and silver mane & tail tip. She also has deep, dark brown eyes and a physique that often places her towards the top of the Sparkfist crew's "hottest crew member" lists, despite serving as the Grand Admiral's bodyguard.


While off-duty, Angela wears a tight bronze t-shirt and skinny white jeans, complete with white trainers, a set of silver & gold bracelets, and a gold stud earring in one ear. However, while on active duty at Grand Admiral Hydren's side, Angela wears a skin-tight bronze bodysuit, with padding in all the appropriate places, which is reinforced with ballistic- and energy-proof metallic thread, plus a set of black boots, dark brown gloves, and a set of red-brown sunglasses.


Early History

Born in the Pyranic Empire, where Pokémon are treated as second-class citizens, Angela was the middle of three daughters, and the second Eevee, born to Alston the Wolf and his Umbreon wife. Out on the family farm, which often struggled to make ends meet, the three beautiful girls - Talia, the elder sister, and Samantha, her younger sister - worked alongside their father, using the nature-based skills that he had passed down to them, while their mother trained the girls in their Darkness-based powers, which, unusual for Eevee, they had received from her. The family worked hard, but received little to show for it - too little for the shards, evolutionary stones, or holidays out to the two large mystic points for either of the two girls to evolve, which didn't seem to phase them. Instead, they worked tirelessly to make sure their parents were proud of them, and that there was food on their plates. Unfortunately, soon after Angela turned six, her mother passed on. This added strain to the family, even though it resulted in one less mouth to feed.

The tension for the father, surrounded by his three beautiful daughters, was obvious, and he did his best to provide for them, eventually resorting to selling the farm and taking up a job in town as a blacksmith, repairing and building weapons for the Pyranic Empire's elite. In town, it was a lot harder for Talia and Angela, who, as Pokémon, were openly mocked on the streets, insulted and torn down, and when Angela was twelve, a gang of eighteen-year-old pyrohogs attempted to abduct the duo as their playthings, although this failed when the two girls began fighting back, first with their natural elementless attacks and their father's nature techniques, which posed no threat to the pyrohogs, before suddenly shifting to Dark-elemental attacks to pummel the weaker members of the gang, protecting themselves until their father arrived, armed with an axe that he had been repairing, which frightened off the gang, but earned him violent reprisals. In the end, three years later, Alston decided to leave the town, and the Pyranic Empire in general, and head for a new beginning in the United Federation, and as such, his daughters found themselves saying goodbye to everything they knew as they headed off for a new life.

United Federation & Discovery

Upon arrival at Westopolis, Alston was given work in the metalworking industry once again, with a very similar job - working on and repairing blades, horseshoes, basically any small-to-moderate item of completely steel construction. On top of that, his daughters, with Angela at the age of fifteen, were told that they had to go to school.

At school, both Angela and Talia were paranoid of bullying, but, to their surprise, it was Samantha, the younger sister, who was bullied. The young girl, who had never seen a Seedrian before in her life, due to the Pyranic Empire's biases, burst out laughing at a young Seedrian and her friends, who then proceeded to make the young wolf's life hell. Beatings, teasing, exclusion, you name it, poor Samantha received it. Finally, Angela could take no more, and began to take the role of her sister's bodyguard, using her considerable skill in combat to fend off the Seedrians and their other friends. In the process, she caught the eye of one of the school's combat trainers, and the recruiter for G.U.N. Her natural skill as a bodyguard was evident to the hedgewolf, who contacted Alston and recommended that his daughters consider training with G.U.N.

Angela, despite being the middle child, was the first recruited into G.U.N's arms, thanks to the demonstration of her powers that had been made in her bodyguard-type defense of her sister, where she only blocked attacks aimed at her sister, not at herself. In its use, she was skilled in hand-to-hand combat against her instructors or other students, but when instructed to defend a 'client' or 'mark', she took it seriously, and her skill seemed to increase. Even when weapons were added into the course, she showed no interest in firearms or ranged weaponry, instead sticking with an axe her father had repaired from an old, rusty example he had received. Even with an axe, a weapon designed for offense, Angela stuck to her defensive style, and remained with it for the rest of her training, emerging at the age of nineteen as a fully-trained bodyguard and melee trooper. Instantly, she was recruited by the executive officer stationed on board the Sparkfist, the flagship of the G.U.N. Third Interstellar Fleet, to serve as the personal aide and bodyguard to the newly promoted Grand Admiral of the fleet, fifty-year-old Specter Hydren.

Serving Specter

Upon her arrival to the Sparkfist, the Grand Admiral almost asked for her to be returned to Mobius instantly from annoyance, claiming that he didn't need an aide or bodyguard on his own ship. The executive officer managed to convince Grand Admiral Hydren to put off sending her home for at least two weeks, and in that time, an assailant struck. An assassin, sent by the disgruntled natives of a planet that Specter had bombed before his promotion in order to destroy a number of Black Arms bases, struck and had the elder man fighting back, although his personal combat skills had diminished from lack of use. Instantly, upon seeing the event, Angela intervened, taking a number of powerful blows, including a poison dart to the gut, in order to protect the Grand Admiral, finally slaying the assassin with her axe before passing out.

That evening, Angela came around not in one of the medical facilities, nor her personal quarters, but a new suite, larger than her standard quarters. The medic on board simply smiled at her, revealing that these were her new quarters, positioned directly next to the Grand Admiral's. The medic then smilingly admitted that the married Admiral had accepted her as his bodyguard and aide, but refused to let her sleep in the same room as himself, due to the potential temptation that the beautiful young woman posed. With a laugh as she sat up, Angela returned to her regime of physical training, making sure she was still strong enough to fight and protect the Grand Admiral, while serving as his bodyguard and aide, taking comm messages, distributing orders, serving coffee and the like. Even so, the disgruntled planet's population didn't let up, and over the next ten years, including shore breaks by his side (except for trips to visit her family while his secondary guard took over), Angela had slain over one hundred assassins in combat. At that point, Specter offered to buy her an evolutionary item, or to pay for a pilgrimage to one of the two points where an Eevee could become a Glaceon or Leafeon. Touched, Angela declined at the time, pointing out that she didn't know what to become.


Angela, as an Eevee, possesses the genetic ability Adaptability. Using this ability, her elementless attacks are boosted in power to suit her elemental affinity, or rather lack of one. However, she possesses techniques most Eevee wouldn't learn, due to her father and his training in nature and her mother's darkness lessons.

In combat, Angela is hard to slow down. While she may emphasize weaker elementless and Nature-based techniques in conjunction with powerful Dark attacks and blows with her axe, she is still lethal, especially when fighting to protect someone. Her natural protective instincts cut in, and she starts fighting tooth and nail to protect them, despite whatever injuries she may take. She also uses very few defensive techniques for a close-range fighter, mostly because she steps into the path of attacks and takes them herself.

However, certain martial arts techniques are quite capable of bringing Angela to her knees, or potentially even kill her, due to her personal lack of blocks on her own person.

Nature Abilities

Dark Abilities

Water Abilities

Earth Abilities

Elementless Abilities


Angela is a quiet girl, preferring to stay out of the spotlight (and other people's notice) due to her torturous treatment as a child. However, she is completely loyal to her friends and allies, and, befitting her job as a bodyguard, is completely willing to give her life protecting them. Despite this, she has a disinterest in firearms and most modern weapons, preferring to stick to a simplistic axe.

Angela is also the kind to struggle with major decisions, the greatest example being when her boss offers to buy her an evolutionary item/trip, she declines at the time, saying that she isn't sure what she wants to become.



  • Talia the Eevee - her older sister by two years, Talia and Angela are closer than most would think, bonded through experiences as children in the Pyranic Empire.
  • Specter Hydren - her commanding officer and client as a bodyguard & aide, Specter was initially cold towards the young Pokémon, but warmed up to her when she saved his life from an assassin.





  • Pyranic Empire - due to their treatment of Mobianized Pokémon, namely herself and her sister as a child, Angela hates the Pyranic Empire with a passion.
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