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Angel the Hedgehog is a mobian hedgehog who was artificially created by an unknown team of scientists. Angel deeply cares about her friends and allies, almost to the point where she will sacrifice herself for others.


Angel is an orange hedgehog with aquamarine streaks, like Shadow's streaks. She has a long bang on the side of her head. She wears long, dark blue jeans, sneakers, and gloves with crimson inhibitor rings as cuffs.


Angel is quite stubborn when it comes to making decisions, making it difficult to reason with her. She is optimistic and adventurous, which tends to go to her head. Angel is also quite forgetful, she could be a burden to her teammates. She will always speak her mind and speak out her true feelings. She is quite blunt and will not sugarcoat anything.

Originally, she was programmed to be cold-hearted, quiet, and ruthless (like Shadow once was) but was easily changed after a couple of months of being outside the building she was contained in. This part of her will only show if she transforms into her Hell Form. When she was sent on a mission, she showed no free will since she was programmed in a specific way.


Being created in the Exodus (a second Ark) by an unknown scientist group, she originally was ruthless and cold, killing most of the scientists right after several missions of being a double agent, acting as a neutral person in the Kingdom of Acorns and revealing secret plans. In one of the plans, she discovered the team she was working for had deep ties with Eggman, which is why she killed all but three of the scientists (the three scientists were not involved with sending her on secret missions). She found a way out of the building that was hidden from her.

After she left the building, she went soul searching and discovered that there is more to life than just doing missions and going to sleep for long period of time (being shut down).

She eventually passed out in Station Square, being brought in by a group of vigilantes. Over the next several months, they taught her the essential skills for survival, including weapon improvisation, inaudible movement , etc.

After several months of this, she bid farewell the group that taught her how to survive and left as she continued to go soul searching.



  • Super Speed - Since she is a hedgehog, she naturally possess the power of super speed. Her speed is quite near Sonic's speed. The fastest she can go is 700 mph.
  • Night Vision - During her development, she was given night vision since the scientists believed that she would heavily depend on this ability during espionage and regular missions during the night.
  • Stealth  - During her development, they also gave her expert level stealth skills for her espionage missions.
  • Grinding - Another ability that a hedgehog naturally has, she can grind on rails and can use a skateboard.
  • Gendershifting - Can switch between being male and female at will.
  • Immortality - Due to being a prototype of Project Shadow, she also has the same immortality that Shadow possesses.
  • Flash Step - Due to being naturally quick, she can move from one spot to another, making it seem as though there are a multitude of her.


  • Telepathy (to an extent) - During the times that she went to sleep (stasis) when she was in the Exodus, she learnt how to read minds, but only for a short time (max. 10 minutes). Any longer and multiple voices will cloud her thoughts.
  • Survival Intuition - Because of her training during the time she was in Station Square, she honed her survival skill to a point that it could not be rivaled.


Heaven Daggers - Angel utilizes these daggers (which can equal to the power of a great sword) in combat. These daggers can absorb light and focus Angel's powers into a point.

Morph Watch - She utilizes this for disguise and espionage.


Tenaciousness - Being stubborn, even more so than Knuckles, her choices can lead her to get in a really bad situation that can be totally avoidable.

Umbrakinesis - Being a being of light, she is easily able to keep under control with umbrakinesis. (An exception is when she is in her Hell form or Phantasm form, since she can absorb darkness to increase her abilities.) 

  • Reconsidering her being an angel after being created as an artificial lifeform


Archangel - Angel's fur color changes into a very light yellow and her quills and bang flow up. Related to a Super form. Somewhat more powerful. 

Phantasm Form - Angel develops spider like legs, a large tauric build, half of her face reveals her skull, several long mouths appear over her body, drooling, with large, gnashing fangs. Her tail splits and grows into seven tails with each one representing a sin, each ending with a head pertaining to the sin, several spider- like "arms" grow from her back, her physique becomes quite thin to the point were her bones can be easily seen, and her eyes become the color white. She can only speak in a few words and grunts.

  • Spirit Physiology - Able to become incorporeal, invisible and immaterial at will.
  • Spider Physiology / Arachne Physiology - Has the multiple limbs of a tarantula, including the added abilities of acid generation, appendage generation/multiple arms, bio-electricity manipulation, camouflage, claw retraction, contaminant immunity, danger intuition, ecdysis (body shedding), enhanced accuracy, enhanced bite/stinger protrusion, enhanced balance, enhanced durability, enhanced leap, enhanced reflexes, enhanced senses (touch, vision, seismic sense), enhanced stealth, limb regrowth, pheromone generation, predator instinct, silk generation, trapping intuition, venom secretion, wall crawling, and web generation.
  • Phantasm Manipulation - Able to create, manipulate, and destroy ghosts/specters and their energies. Can induce fear into the hearts of others, use spirits to cause great chaos and control the souls of others when they're dead.
  • Hell-Fire Manipulation - Can generate and manipulate the cursed flames of Hell, which can destroy anything. The color of her flames vary, depending on her mood.
  • Firebreathing - Able to generate and manipulate fire within herself which allows her to shape the way the fire is exhaled.
  • Acidic Blood - Her blood acquires acidic properties, becoming pressurized within her body so that it spurts out when her skin is pierced.

She gains the power to bring back the dead (to a certain extent), gains the powers of a spirit (ex. walking through solid object, possessing something, etc.), firebreathing, and acidic blood.

She becomes very weak to bright light/photokinesis.

Hell Form - Her body becomes a jet black colored mass of energy, she grows a demonic tail and horns, her eyes disappear, leaving her glowing white scleras. She grows long claws at the end of her fingers. The outline of her body becomes red. Her wings melt to reveal large bat-like wings (demon wings). She develops a dark aura. Her voice becomes demonic to the point where it can temporarily make someone deaf. Only demons and Demon the Hedgehog can understand her.

  • Umbrakinesis - She can manipulate darkness and create constructs from her umbrakinetic abilities.
  • Inferna-Sonokinesis - Able to manipulate, shape, and create vicious and hellish sound, possessing the capability to destroy anything in her path. Can also hypnotize victims or potentially alter any aspect of reality in her vicinity.
  • Enhanced Flight/Wing Manifestation  - Her demon wings are larger than her regular wings allowing her to be more swift in aerial combat.
  • Enhanced Strength  - Has the strength beyond that of a normal mobian. 
  • Enhanced Speed  - Able to move faster than the average mobian, even faster than most, if not, all hedgehogs.  


Regular Theme - ID by Skrillex / Dystopia by Pierre Oliver

Skrillex - Fuji Rock, Japan (New Song 2018)

Skrillex - Fuji Rock, Japan (New Song 2018)

Archangel Theme - Stardust by Skybreak / Born for Greatness (Felmax Remix) by Papa Roach 

Skybreak – Stardust - Ninety9Lives Release

Skybreak – Stardust - Ninety9Lives Release

Phantasm Forme Theme - Precious by Teddy Killerz

Teddy Killerz - Precious (Ft

Teddy Killerz - Precious (Ft. Romadi)

Hell Forme/Dark Angel Theme - Outer Space by Teddy Killerz

Teddy Killerz & June Miller - Outer Space

Teddy Killerz & June Miller - Outer Space

Papa Roach - Born For Greatness (Felmax Remix)

Papa Roach - Born For Greatness (Felmax Remix)


  • Angel's name is based on Lil Draco's first name, which means "messenger of God".
  • Angel originally looked like Sonic with an orange color and cyan streaks with red eyes.
  • Angel was not the first Sonic fan character Lil Draco created. The first one Lil Draco created looked like Shadow with the colors inverted with gold rings covering his fingers, wrists, and ankles.
  • According to Lil Draco, Angel is meant to be a being more powerful than a god (a Mary Sue) in a satirical manner, even though she does have glaring weaknesses.
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