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Angel Skyheart is one of the main characters of A Different Kind of Normal and the girlfriend of Natalie Walker who is able to fight at lightning fast speeds.


Angel is a slender Mobian fox with red fur, short hair and green eyes. She wears jeans and a black leather jacket, as well as a white T-Shirt and black trainers. She occasionally also wears black glove in combat.


Angel is cocky, snarky and laid back, although she doesn’t especially come across as hot-headed. However, her anxiety is slowly becoming more prominent and she is starting to be more withdrawn and cautious. She’s also struggling with coming to terms with who she is, especially after discovering she was lesbian.


Angel was born to a relatively well off family. She showed an interest for athletics at an early age and became a part of the athletics team at her high school. However, her parents constantly pushing her to get good grades, her athletics and the stigma that came with the discovery of her powers started to weigh down on her and she developed anxiety disorder, trying as hard as she could to keep up with life. She also had a boyfriend at some point in high school, although they broke up.

A Different Kind of Normal



Angel’s powers allow her to fight at extremely fast speeds. She is able to punch, kick, block or dodge an attack faster than the eye can follow, which allows her to unleash a barrage of hits within a space of a few seconds. However, she has stated she needs to consciously activate the power and it drains her like any physical activity would.


Due to pressures in her social and private lives, Angel suffers from anxiety. This can cause her to have panic attacks in certain situations. Although these attacks were infrequent, they have started to become more and more common recently and Angel’s anxiety symptoms are becoming more prominent than before.


Natalie Walker

Angel’s feelings about Natalie are conflicted. Although Angel is madly in love with Natalie, coming to terms with being lesbian has been hard for her, especially with her anxiety problems. However, she is still devoted to their relationship, and Angel also teaches Natalie self defence after the events of ADKON.


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