Disaster Club
Angel Skyheart, The Girl Who punches like lightning, returns from ADKON. Although still struggling with her anxiety, Angel continues to fight alongside the girl she loves as the Powers Club travel to Disaster Club.


Difficulty: Medium

Health: 1200

Playstyle: Rushdown, Pressure

Angel is a rushdown character, relying on extremely fast but low damage attacks to defeat her enemies. These fast attacks mean she has very good pressure, with most of her attacks positive on block (meaning she can act before the blocking opponent can). However, her lack of damage means she relies on long and complex combos in order to get damage in, and she lacks defensive or zoning capabilities.

Her Throttles both expand on her combo game in different ways. Throttle 1 allows for more damage in combos if you can keep up with Angel’s blows, and Throttle 2 allows for cross-up combos and a more movement-based playstyle.

Special Moves

Move Name Input Type Description
Flip Kick DC Up+DC 1 button/DC 2 button/DC 3 button on the ground. Command Normal Angel does a flip that knocks the opponent into the air. The stronger the button, the higher the opponent goes.
Divekick DC Up+DC 1 button/DC 2 button/DC 3 button in the air. Command Normal Angel divekicks the opponent. The stronger the button, the faster the kick reaches the ground.
Rapid Flurry IMG 0408+DC 1 button Special Angel performs several rapid punches at lightning fast pace. OK in air.
Rapid Slide. IMG 0408+DC 2 button on the ground. Special Angel slides across the floor rapidly, knocking the opponent off their feet and opening up for combos.
Airspin IMG 0408+DC 2 button in air Special Angel flies forward feet first, rapidly spinning in the air. Hits the opponent multiple times.
Lightning Parry IMG 0408+DC 3 button Special Angel blocks any attacks for a short amount of time and regains 50% of the damage blocked as health. Does not block supers, finishing strikes or throws. OK in air.
Spin Kick IMG 0408+DC 4 button on the ground Special Angel spins around on the floor, hitting the opponent multiple times. Acts as an anti air and combo extender, but isn't safe on block.
Down Kick IMG 0408+DC 4 button in the air. Special Angel jumps on the opponent and kicks them into the ground. Main aerial combo ender.
Rapid Kicks DC HCF+DC 1 button+DC 2 button Super Angel upppercuts the opponent into the air and kicks them rapidly as they begin to fall to the ground. The move can be used in the air but the uppercut is not performed.
Helicopter Kick DC HCF+DC 3 button+DC 4 button Super Angel knees the opponent and then performs several spinning kicks, finishing by kicking the opponent into the wall. The move can be used in the air but the initial knee is not performed.
Lightning Hurl DC 1 button+DC 2 button+DC 3 button+DC 4 button Finishing Strike Angel grabs the opponent and spins around rapidly, eventually throwing them upwards. As they fall down, burning up as the do so, Angel jumps up and grabs them in mid air, spinning them around again and throwing them to the ground in one fluid motion before divekicking them.


Throttle 1. Angel’s attacks increase in speed during combos. The longer the combo, the faster the attacks get.

Throttle 2. Angel’s dashes damage the opponent.



“Alright, you asked for it!”

“This’ll be over quickly.”

“Think you can keep up with me?”

“Let’s see if you’ve learned something.” (Vs. Natalie)

“...Damn it, where are fire puns when I need them?” (Vs. Rugal)

“I know what you did...and I’m here to punch you for it.” (Vs. Thundereye)

“Those’s like your Natalie’s...nah, probably nothing.” (Vs. Vendeta)

“Where’s Carl when you need him?” (Vs. Bladedancer)

“This is just one of your illusions, right, Natalie?...Natalie?” (Vs. Angel, first)

In Infinite’s voice Hehehe...Keep telling yourself that, Angel Skyheart.” (Vs. Angel, second)

“Ok, I’m actually kinda fangirling right now.” (Vs. Blaze)

“You deserve what’s coming for you.” (Vs. Kable)


“Please tell me you weren't trying.”

“I guess having the nerve to fight me counts for something.”

“That’s why they call me the girl who punches like lightning.”

“You’re good, Nat, but you’re far from terms of fighting, at least.” (Vs. Natalie)

“Fire punches won’t matter if you can’t hit me.” (Vs. Rugal)

“...Seriously, though, can I get your autograph?” (Vs. Blaze)

“I’ve been waiting a month for a chance to do that.” (Vs. Kable)


“You getting up? No? Then I’ll be going then. And if you try to stab me in the back, I’ll react before you get anywhere near me”

“That’s the thing with lightning; the damage is huge, yet you can’t fight back. As the girl who punches like lightning, I’m ready to continue that tradition.” (Perfect win)

“Thanks for the fight, Natalie. Combat really helps me to zone out, get away from everything weighing me down. Especially when I’m with you.” (Vs. Natalie)

“I’m sorry I had to do that Rugal...nah, who am I kidding? I enjoyed that way to much.” (Vs. Rugal)

“You know, I kinda liked being the Girl that Punches Like Lightning...until I met you.” (Vs. Thundereye)

“You don’t even have powers and you still kept up?! Do you want to teach Natalie a few pointers?” (Vs. Ringmaster)

“Damn, psychokinesis is not fun. Then again, my girlfriend can manipulate minds, so I guess that’s not much better.” (Vs. Vendeta)

“I just beat up Blaze...I seriously just beat up Blaze...I can’t tell whether to be happy or apologise constantly...” (Vs. Blaze)

“You stay away from Natalie. If you hurt her, I will walk into that tower and destroy your empire myself, understand? Don’t touch her again.” (Vs. Kable)


“Now you’re asking for it!” (Escaping a combo)

“I’ll give it everything I’ve got!” (Activating Overclock)

“No...not now…” (Defeated)

“Guess the competition can’t keep up.” (Going up a rank in online)

“Maybe I’m slower than I think?” (Going down a rank in online)

Arcade Mode

Good Ending

Angel fights Angel as the final boss.

“While the others finished with Beautyface, me and Natalie chased after who we assumed was Thundereye. Turns out, it was Infinite: the megalomaniac who defeated Sonic almost 8 months ago. He blasted Natalie away with a laser beam...and then I just lost it. Went completely ham on him. Natalie’s ok, incidentally, and my efforts led to Infinite being more weakened than he already was. But he’ll come back. And when he does? I’ll be ready to face him. We all will be.”

Bad Ending

Angel fights Dean as the final boss.

“While the others finished with Beautyface, I fought Dean as he tried to escape. However, it was a ploy. The Thunder Gang jumped me and pulled them off to their headquarters. Now I’m trapped in the subway train like Rugal was. I have two options: either I fight my way out or wait for the others to come. Honestly? I’m liking the sound of the former a whole lot more…”


  • Completing Arcade once with Angel unlocks Ungravitify for the jukebox.
  • Completing arcade a second time with Angel unlocks her theme from Depths of Dimensions:Cosmic Slip (under the title LIGHTNING) for the jukebox.


I'm the One (Normal battle theme)

We Are Ignited (Vs. Natalie or Rugal)

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