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Angel Skyheart is one of the main characters of A Different Kind of Normal and the girlfriend of Natalie Walker who is able to fight at lightning fast speeds.


Angel is a Mobian fox with crimson red fur, short hair and green eyes. She has a lean build, developed through athletics training. She wears jeans and a black leather jacket, as well as a black T-Shirt and black trainers. She occasionally also wears black leather gloves in combat.


On the outside, Angel is cocky and charismatic. She is willing to try almost anything and will do it with a joke and a smile, even if she does sometimes end up slightly out of her depth. She is usually outgoing and sociable, and tends to dislike being stuck away from her friends. She also gets bored pretty quickly, and as such is constantly looking for new things to do. Despite this, she’s rarely hot headed and usually seems pretty calm, especially compared to the rest of the Powers Club.

However, this is to hide the fact that Angel is surprisingly vulnerable emotionally. She constantly struggles to keep up with everyone’s expectations of her, and is also conflicted about who she is since discovering her powers and sexuality. This has lead to her developing anxiety issues, not helped by being a major target of one of the world’s leading tech companies. Her constant struggle to prove herself means she often tries to do things herself and reject others help, even when she needs it.


Angel was born to a relatively well off working class family. Even when she was younger, Angel showed signs of being academically successful, and as such was often pushed to achieve more. Despite this, she gravitated more to sports than to academic subjects.

When she started high school, Angel gravitated to multiple sports clubs, but was especially interested in athletics. It was here where she met Nathan Grey, a Mobian wolf with whom she developed a friendly rivalry with. As they spent time together, Nathan developed feelings for Angel and eventually asked her out. Angel agreed, and although their relationship was stable for a while, Angel started to become unsure not only about how she truly felt about him, but how she felt about men in general. She didn’t truly realise she was lesbian until she met Natalie several months later.

Angel eventually told Nathan how she felt in the park next to the Westopolis Youth Centre where she would later meet the Powers Club. Nathan took it very graciously, and the two agreed to remain friends. However, when Nathan left to cross the road, a speeding car approached him that he didn’t see, but Angel did. With blinding speed, Angel dashed across the road and pulled Nathan to the side before the car ran him over. This was the first use of her powers.

After discovering her powers, Angel’s life started to change. While Nathan was still very close to her, a lot of her friends were more cautious around her after hearing rumours about the incident. She tried to cultivate her power and figure out what it was, if only to feel more confident about herself, and as such took up kickboxing. While this helped somewhat, it didn’t help the fact that many people discriminated against those with power genes, and there reports of children like her disappearing without explanation. Additionally, her grades were struggling, and she was becoming more confused about her sexuality. Eventually, under the constant pressure and confusion about who she was, Angel began to suffer from anxiety issues, and her confident personality became more of a facade.

A several months after she first used her powers, Angel heard about a support group for people with superpowers. Hoping it would be a way to get her life together, Angel joined, and met the first girl she would fall in love with.

Powers and Abilities

Angel has a limited degree of super speed. She is able to punch, kick, dash and dodge faster than the eye can follow, which allows her to unleash a barrage of hits within a space of a few seconds and easily wear down opponents and slip through their defenses. In order to maximize this, Angel has taken up kickboxing, making her a good all round fighter with a penchant for kicks.


Angel needs to consciously activate her powers, which means she cannot use her super speed to dodge attacks she can’t see coming, making sneak attacks very effective against her. Fighting also drains her like any physical activity would, which means she has to pace herself in combat to make sure she isn’t draining her strength too fast.

Angel’s main weaknesses are derived from her anxiety issues more than her powers. She can freeze up in fear in critical situations, making her a sitting duck for any attacks. She has been known to have anxiety attacks, and although these attacks were infrequent, they have started to become more and more common since being kidnapped by Kabletech.


Natalie Walker

Angel is devoted to Natalie, even if her confusion and lack of understanding about her sexuality sometimes get in the way of her showing it. They’re firm friends and lovers, and will find a way to help each other through their problems however they can.


  • Angel is voiced by Skye Bennett in Disaster Club.
  • Angel really likes spicy food.

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