Cquote1 Anything to get back at that arrogant green hairball for what he did to Father. Cquote2
Jumper agreeing to help fight Scourge, Reign of Terror

Crystal's Pack, also known as Crystal's Family and now called the Angel Island Pack, is a Pack of Lycanroc that lived on Angel Island until just prior to the Alliance's rescue of Stormy and Martin in Rise of a Leader. They were initially led by Crystal's father, a Midday Form named Spike, until they were attacked and almost destroyed by the combined forces of the Destructix and Lycus' Gang. In Reign of Terror, they were confirmed to still be alive and well, just living elsewhere, now under the leadership of Crystal's older brother, another Midday Form named Jumper. After Rise of Darkness, they now live on Angel Island once more.


The names of all the members are unknown. Confirmed members are listed below.

Leader: Spike-Male Midday Form(deceased); Jumper-Male Midday Form(currently)


  • Zoey; Female Midday Form(Crystal and Jumper's mother)
  • Crystal; Female Shiny Dusk Form(formerly)
  • Hooper; Old male Dusk Form(deceased)
  • Umbra; Female Melanistic Midday Form
  • Moonrise; Male Melanistic Midnight Form
  • Patch; Male Midnight Form with a "beard"(thick fur on his chin and lower jaw)
  • Rustle; Male, Form unknown
  • Blizzard Pelt; Male Albino Dusk Form
  • Richmond; Male, Form unknown
  • Mars; Male Midday Form(formerly)
  • Indigo; Female Shiny Dusk Form(formerly)
  • Snow Storm; Albino Midnight Form, gender unknown
  • Two unnamed Rockruff


The Pack function similarly to the Tribes, and subsequently SwiftClan, but have no discernible policies otherwise


The Pack likely believe in the Spirits in the Stars, like many inhabitants of the Four Worlds.


The Pack used to live on Angel Island after the Coming of Alola up until just prior to the rescue of Stormy and Martin, when the Destructix and Lycus' Gang attacked them and tried to destroy them. They were later found by a patrol of the new "Rogue Tribe" in Reign of Terror to be living in a remote part of Soleanna Forest.


All that is known of the Pack is that they lived on Angel Island after coming to the Worlds until the combined forces of the Destructix and Lycus' Gang forced them to flee, leading to the death of then leader Spike, and Spike's daughter Crystal fleeing and later joining the Storm Fighters. During Reign of Terror, a patrol from the "Rogue Tribe" established to combat Scourge's grip on the Tribes and the Base found two Melanistic Lycanroc siblings, a Midnight male named Moonrise and his Midday sister Umbra. They revealed the Pack was still alive when they saw Crystal and were ecstatic to see her again. The Pack was now under the leadership of Spike's son and Crystal's older brother Jumper, who eagerly agreed to help drive Scourge from the Base.


Hooper reveals that before living on Angel Island, the Pack lived somewhere else after coming to the Four Worlds. While this location is never explicitly named, he says in his Legends of the Alliance story, Hidden Motives that they met a family of jackals, implying that they were on Downunda, since Alex's Family were the only jackals seen besides the Jackal Squad and later the Jackal Pack.

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