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Angel Island is a floating island which floats above the surface of Mobius in a strange sort of orbit, powered and propelled by the Master Emerald. It is the home of Knuckles and, formerly, his family and countless other short-beaked echidnas.



The flora of Angel Island include various grasses and tropical plants, as well as conifers up in the mountains. It is also home to giant mushrooms.


Native fauna include:

  • Chao
  • Short-beaked echidnas
  • Angel Island devils and devil dogs

There are also a variety of introduced species, mostly rare or unusual animals which were picked up by Knuckles and past guardians who were fascinated by them.


Despite its orbit taking it all over the world, Angel Island is warm and humid over most of its surface with a desert area to the southeast and snow-covered mountains to the north. The only time this has every changed was when the island passed over the southern tundra, causing a brief winter to overtake the island.


Angel Island was the origin of the Chaos Emeralds. The event which scattered them through the world was the same event which led to the island rising up into the sky through the power of the Master Emerald.

The island and the Master Emerald have been protected since then by a line of guardians who were all short-beaked echidnas. Unfortunately, the mobian short-beaked echidna population was decimated both here and on the ground below due to disease, leaving only Knuckles. He has served as guardian alone ever since.

Notable Areas

Angel island has a variety of areas of note, including the ruins of a lost civilization of short-beaked echidnas. At the center of the island is a shrine which houses the Master Emerald, and near that are a few more well-kept structures which serve as homes, guest houses, and animal sanctuaries.

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