Angel Island (originally known as The Floating Island) is a large landmass which floats high above the planet's surface. Originally a part of the continent of Downunda, the Echidnas living in the city of Echidnaopolis decided to use the powers of 12 Chaos Emeralds to lift their city off the surface to avoid destruction by a White Coment. Since then, Angel Island has been the home of many different species, the two largest being the Echidnas and the Dingoes. After the Dr. Eggman-backed Dingo Regime's mass genocide under Kage Von Stryker, the Echidna population was left in shambles. Those who survived were relocated to Albion by Enerjak, to ensure the survival of their species, while the Dingos themselves were disarmed and exiled to Sandopolis. It is largely uninhabited except for the Dingoes, agents of the Knothole Freedom Fighters,Chaotix and the island's last Guardian; Knuckles.

Angel Island from Sonic X



A group of Echidnas, having set out from their homeland of Albion, eventually settled in a region of Downunda and built the city of Echidnaopolis. The technologically-advanced city thrived on the mainland until two scientists, Kayla-La and Jordann, discovered a comet that would soon impact directly on the city. Desperate to save their home, the two developed and proposed a plan to physically move the city out of harm's way. Collecting as many of the powerful Chaos Emeralds as they could, the scientists harnessed their energy and, with the fire-ants working to loosen the foundation, lifted Echidnaopolis and the surrounding land into the air and out of the path of the White Comet, saving it from destruction and forming what was then known as the Floating Island. A large crater marks its former place in Downunda. (StH: #34, #82, KtE: #12)

Dimitri and Edmund's Plan

Generations later, another pair of scientists sought to return the city to its original ground-bound state. While the energies of the Chaos Emeralds weren't completely understood, Edmund and Dimitri theorized that, should the energy be gradually drained, the decent of the island could be controlled and allow it to slowly, safely return to the mainland. The two developed a device called the Chaos Syphon, capable of draining away Chaos energy, and proposed their plan to the gathered council. However, in part due to one councilman's personal political goals, the plan was rejected, officially on the grounds of being too dangerous a move. (StH: #35, KtE: #1, #2, #23)


After Dimitri's presumed death, and the High Council's decision to ban excessive technology, those opposed to this and loyal to Dimitri formed the Dark Legion. The Legion was transported to the Twilight Zone by the Guardian Steppenwolf, as they initiated a civil war with the remaining Echidnas. After this, the Dark Legion had managed to break through the dimensional barriers and attempt to retake Echidnaopolis, each time they were repelled by the current Guardian. (KtE: #16, #17, #18, #25)

Angel Island's two primary species were the Dingoes and the Echidnas. The Dingoes, a militant and aggressive race, attempted numerous times to wipe out their echidna counterparts. Receiving nuclear weapons from Overlanders, the Dingoes attempted a nuclear strike on Echidnaopolis. The city was saved by an energy dome erected by the current Guardian of the time, Hawking. Both Echidnaopolis and the Dingo cities were then transported to their own zone's where they were protected from the harmful radioactive fallout until Hawking could restore the island to health. Echidnaopolis was returned to the Prime Zone when the dimensional barriers were weakened by Dr. Ivo Robotnik's firing of the Ultimate Annihilator. The Dingoes were also returned to the Prime Zone, their city however remained in its own zone. (StH: #50, KtE: #5)

Dingo Takeover

Almost two years after the Echidnas and Dingoes had been returned to Angel Island from their Pocket Zones, the dissatisfied Dingoes under the new leadership of Kage Von Stryker turned to Dr. Eggman for support. In exchange for becoming Eggman's enforcers and servants to the Eggman Empire, the Dingoes received technology, supplies and assistance from the Eggman Empire to enslave the Echidna population and completely take over the island. With Sonic the Hedgehog believed dead and far off in space, and Knuckles the Echidna on the surface of Mobius, the overwhelming Dingo forces successfully took control of Angel Island. (StH: #125, #136, #138, #139)

Enerjak's Clensing

After nearly two years of Dingo oppression, their regime and Dr. Eggman's hold on Angel Island would come to an abrupt end. Knuckles, under the influence of Dr. Finitevus, became the Chaos demigod Enerjak and used his near-omnipotent powers to rid the Dingoes of their technology and banish them to the Sandopolis Desert. The Echidnas who were still alive were then transported to the ruins of Albion where they would be hidden and safe from future harm. (StH: #181)


The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes

The Angel Island reappears in the game. It plays a major part in the storyline of the game. Zeline informs Sonic that they must head there pronto in order to prevent the invasion of the Gravitus. Shorlty after they meet with Knuckles and Shade, Immarius' mothership releases 6 massive chains which attach to the Angel Island and strat draining its energy. However, Immarius' plan fails when Eggman's fleet blasts off 2 of them and later 4 by Big and Cream. It is also revealed in the story of the game, that the Echidna Tribe was living below the surface of the Angel Island for millennia due to the war against Athair's and Ix's tribes. The Angel Island as a level has 2 Acts, a Mission and a Boss. These levels are Sky Sanctuary and Hidden Palace whereas the Boss is named Egg Brawler, a large mechanical robot piloted by Eggman Nega.

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: I Am the Future

The Angel Island appears as one of the many Adventure Fields of the game. After 100 years, the island has fallen into the ocean and has been renamed into Isle of the Angels. The island's population is very little, almost abandoned. It is also a playable stage for both Sonic and the Freedom Fighters.

Capcom vs. Sonic the Hedgehog

Sky Sanctuary appears as an available fighting stage in the game with Angel Island visible in the background.

Ultimate Sonic

Angel Island is one of the locations in the game since the island has fallen again due to the Master Emerald loosing it's power. Hidden Palace serving as Sonic's base during the game as well as where the Master Emerald has been relocated. Angel Island as a stage for Sonic to run through and Marble Garden for Knuckles to enter the Earth Temple where he keeps the Shovel Claw.

Hidden Palace (Adventure Field)

Main article: Hidden Palace Zone#Ultimate Sonic

It is pretty much a giant palace, with an architectural blend of ancient Greek and aztec. The whole palace located underground in a large cavern of crystals, with only a ravine providing sunlight that the beryls refract. The cavern is so huge that the small island holding the Emerald altar from Sonic Adventure can be moved down here during emergencies, which during the events of the game is why it is there.

Angel Island (Action Stage)

The stage will mostly be tropical jungle with Echidna moai's and some Mesoamerican like ruins along the route. As well as some paths close to the edge of the island.

It will be a stage for Sonic as he races through the top side of Angel Island, as the Adventure Field of the island is underground.

Marble Garden (Action Stage)

Marble Gardens is reinvisioned as a large temple with overgrown gardens and secret side gardens and passageways in places one may never expect. It is a treasure hunting stage for Knuckles as he need to find 3 keys to enter the Earth Temple.

The Air Temples from Avatar are in mind for planning this stage as well as the actual Marble Garden Zone for it's core design being maze like and semi-underground.


Angel island is the 5th of the 10 zones in the game. The island is usually floating in the middle of the oceans, but now its floating over the mountains. The early drawing of one of the island's mounatins shows that Lillaby's tentacles are hanging from it, suggesting a boss level where Sonic and Tails would have climb the mounatin to reach Lillaby at the top. But in the final version of the game, Lillaby is relocated to the Vampire Zone, and Angel Island's only boss is the Golem monster. After that at the top of the mounatin, you fly a bee to a steampunk city in the clouds called Goliad Skies.

The Blue Blur

In this game, Sonic and his allies accidently land on Angel Island after a crash, the team find the Algorg Cave and explore unveiling some Echidna history. After that, Argo comes and attack the team and there's a war of Angel Island occurs. They're two stages, Floating Paradise, Mystic Ruin and the boss is the Savori Manikin and Argo.

IMG 0026

Angel island in Sonic Origins

IMG 0027

Lillaby's tentacles hanging from the mountain

Points of Interest

Major Locations

  • Haven (destroyed)
  • Sandopolis
  • Echidnaopolis (destroyed)
  • Cavem Canus (completely obliterated)
  • Grand Conservatory
  • Happyland Amusement Park (presumably destroyed)


Background Information