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Andy the Hedgehog is a young member of the South Island Freedom Fighter band.


An orange hedgehog with peach muzzle skin; Andy often seems nervous around strangers, only really sticking with his teammates in the South Island Freedom Fighter band and his family. While he seems skilled enough, there is enough teenaged anxiety to keep him cowering.


While he typically travels in a manner similar to most Mobians with little more than a pair of white gloves, bandages wrapped around his forearms and black shoes, Andy has a bodysuit that resembles that of a professional racer that he wears while on missions with his allies. Primarily black with orange markings of a similar tone to his fur, there is small padded sections that seems to imply armor, though these parts are few and far between. His suit also has small spools of wire inbuilt into the wrists, which seems to function a role in combat similar to his bandages. Adding onto this is a set of what resemble ski goggles, complete with golden yellow reflective lenses to hide his nervous eyes.



Andy is fairly young and inexperienced, and one of the key things that his teammates have noticed is that he is nervous about his power over fire. This is to good reason, as well - while he is fascinated and proud of his skill, he lacks the ability to identify and regulate his energy expenditure when doing so. As such, he's made himself pass out from overexertion and exhaustion on a number of occasions.

While skilled in silent movement, Andy has also taken to using his bandages to bind targets, wrapping them up while in hand-to-hand combat before tightening the fabric strips. Due to this only being truly effective against organic targets, his normal "mission suit" has spools of wire mounted to the wrists instead, with the thin metal thread proving much harder for anything hostile to break.

In order to keep Andy safe in the field due to his , his teammates agreed to assign the young boy a Tasfira Armaments RFD-V2 Pistol, which is only really carried by the teen while on missions. While the weapon is experimental, it has never proven to be dangerous to him, while his teammates have instilled great trust in his self-restraint against that trigger.

Andy's biggest letdown is his inability to regulate his pyrokinetic powers. Any fight that forces him into unleashing, be it in close-quarters to augment his hand-to-hand or at a distance; is a fight that might result in him being carried from the area unconscious or worse.

Fire Abilities

  • Heat Crash - Due to his light body weight, Andy only really warrants what would be classed as a D-rank usage.
  • Flare Blitz

Elementless Abilities

  • Wrap - using his bandages/the wire from his suit








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