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Andy is impulsive and aggressive, and often attacks her own friends. Whenever things go wrong, her first instinct is to destroy everything in sight. However, she is also brave, energetic, and open to new opportunities. When on adventures, she tries to take control of her teammates, and is very bossy.


Early Life

When Andy was young, she used to have an obsession with water. She would “swim” in the river almost every day. (She was really just walking in said water.) One day, when she actually attempted to swim, she ended up getting carried away by some rough water, which lead to the forest, her home for many years.

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Powers and Abilities


Andy has the ability of pyrokinesis. Unlike her friends Rosebud, Platinum and Lilly, she was born with said ability rather than getting her powers through unnatural means.




“Why are we doing this again?”-Everything. Everything we do. Everything we say. Everything we think.


  • Andy and Rosebud are actually non-distant cousins.
  • Out of all my OCs, Andy has the worst singing. It sounds like dying cats.