Androsia the Hedgehog (ハリネズミAndrosia) is an original character created by Serinecolours. Androsia is a female anthropomorphic hedgehog. Androsia was discovered in a capsule in G.U.N agency. After being released she currently spends most of her time as a Team Rose member.


Androsia is marble white hedgehog who takes a humanoid like appearance. She sports a green vest and blue patterned mini skirt and green socks with star patterns. She has a star marking on her forehead. Androsia also has black highlights.


Androsia is usually a polite soft spoken girl and is very kind to her friends. She is quite naive and a bit absent-minded on some occasions. She enjoys fighting for peace and can be considered a bit of pacifist. She also has a strong knowledge on chaos energy.


Androsia's origins and history is a bit unknown. It is believed that similar to Shadow, Androsia is an artifically made subject and G.U.N's own attempt to copy Gerald Robotnik's creation. Androsia was created to be a "female Shadow".

Androsia was discovered along with many other failed attempts to clone Shadow. Similar to him, she has black doom infused in her DNA.





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