Andromeida "Andy" Prower (pronounced an-dro-MEE-duh) is a 20-year-old hedgehog and the sister of Amy Rose
Andromeida Lila Hedgehog-Prower
Birth Name
Andromeida Lila the Hedgehog
Andy, And, Me, Meme
Amy Rose the Hedgehog (sister), Rob O' the Hedge (cousin), Sonic the Hedgehog (future brother-in-law), Rheba the Hedgehog (future neice), Reo the Hedgehog (future nephew), Miles "Tails" Prower (soulmate), Geanna Prower(future daughter), Leroy Prower (future son), Dori Prower (future daughter), Dina Prower (future daughter), Devon Prower (future son), Cynthia the Echidna (not blood related but consider each other sisters)
Cynthia, Stella the Bat
Hydrokinesis, speeds up to 800 MPH in water
Water, friends, family, Tails, the ocean, being wet, the thought of being wet, fashion, children, Disney movies, bowling
Dr. Eggman, Naugus, dryness, deserts, Egypt, volcanoes, rocks, being dry, the thought of being dry, people who abuse children, most men, mathematics, golf
"Ah, don't worry about stuff like that. You'll have to worry about later, though, cuz Reality's only getting your feet wet."
A long, boring math class when Prez was sort of sick of decimals and fractions and that junk, so she opened to an empty notebook page and Andy was drawn.

. Andy is a hydrokinetic and loves water. Her best friend is Cynthia the Echidna. She was created by TeamSonicPrez


Early Life

Andy was born 4 years before Amy. Her fur was originally pink and her eyes were originally green. However, when she was two, she was kidnapped for twenty four hours and returned as a hydrokinetic with blue fur and blue eyes. Nobody knows what happened in these 24 hours, but it is suspected that she was used as an expirement to make 4 girls and 4 boys into Elementals. The others were Bravery the Hedgehog, who was given Darkness, Julia the Seedrian, who was given Plantlife, Sarah the Bat, who was given Air, Hynyos the Fox, who was given Earth, Gjun, who was given Electricity, Ken the Skunk, who was given Fire, and Leroy the Lion, who was given Light.

Amy was born just after Andy's fourth birthday, and the two have always been close. She met her cousin Rob O' the Hedge when she was six and they were instant rivals, constantly fighting and sparring, but as cousins they were friends and were always there for one another.

The Rose/ Lila family met Sonic the Hedgehog and his family one day when Amy was 8, and their world changed. Part of who Amy was had been lost and now belonged to Sonic: her innocince, her heart, and her bedroom decorations. Andy was hurt very badly at how a man, and she considered men slime after that, had stolen her sister and closest friend away and replaced her with a stranger.

Teenage Years

On Andy's thirteenth birthday, her parents died in a car accident while they headed to Malleo and Weegee's Itailiano Pizzaria, and Andy broke her arm, which meant she had to take the year off from the swimming team. That, combined with her and Amy having to move in with Sonic, made Andy extremely grumpy, depressed, and unreachable for a good three years.

At sixteen, her life took a turn for the better. She met her close friends Stella and Cynthia on her first day at her new school, Chaos High. She even met the love of her life, Miles "Tails" Prower, there.

At seventeen, she was confused by her dramatic life and consulted the Oracle of Delphius to find out her fate. There, she learned her prophecy

Nice Nineteen

Andy was the one to defeat Cynthia in the fight against the Dark Legion.

Her Prophecy

(Quoting the Oracle)

You will save everything you hold so dear three times over, and after that you will marry your true love: a fox with two tails. You will live happily ever after until your five children have the youngest daughter turn bitter. She will end yours and your husbands life.


A blue hedgehog with blue eyes. She looks like her sister Amy but not enough to make them twins. She wears a locket and a black bracelet to keep her hydrokinetic powers under control. She loves flip flops, shorts, and tank tops.

Andy wears blue eyeshadow and blue lipstick.


  • "The ocean speaks to me."
  • "What do you mean, exotic desert???"
  • "Hello, Cassia, my name's Andromeida, but please call me Andy."
  • "I'm sorry, old friend."


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